Thursday, December 31, 2009

THANK YOU, Elmer's Brother

I want to thank fellow blogger and very good friend Elmer's Brother SO MUCH for putting this blog together. Some of you don't know quite how 'computer challenged' I am, but Elbro does! He also put my GeeeeeZ blog together in January of 2008, for which I will always be grateful.
So, here's my new food blog and he couldn't have been kinder, more patient or more talented (again) in helping me with this. THANKS, Elbro.

Also, he says the macaroni and cheese picture makes him salivate.....How could I NOT adore him!?

I want to thank my GeeeeeZ commenter "tiob" for coming up with the name "Mac 'n GeeeeeZ" when I mentioned hoping to open a food blog and how, of ALL the gourmet and non-gourmet foods I love to cook and eat, Mac and Cheese was my number one...the thing I'd ask for in prison the night before my execution, you know? Thanks, tiob...very clever!

Enjoy the blog...I'll be blogging soon with all sorts of food related things and hope you'll join me!