Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Food at Z's Celebration!

Some of you've asked "So where are the Christmas food shots,Z?"   I just got them from my wonderful nephew and thought I'd post them now:   This was at Mom's house, 30 of us, and we had a delicious night! In the picture are carrots cooked in honey and sauteed pancetta, roasted potatoes, ham and (very unusual for our Christmas feast) salmon served room temperature with a lovely yogurt/dill sauce. I published the second dinner pic because of the RICE PILAF which is always manna from heaven! There was a huge salad with avocado and tomatoes and baby cucumbers, baby corn and hearts of palm, too. yummy.

This is an Armenian dessert that is fabulous...a thick, sweet mixture of dry fruits that reconstitute and barley which is softened with them...sounds awful. Tastes delicious! My sister also made paklava with cream instead of walnuts which is divine but I don't have a shot of that;

What did you guys eat for Christmas..? I can't wait to hear! xxx Z