Friday, November 25, 2011

Z's Thanksgiving

I should have followed my nephew around and had him take more pictures of FOOD, like the amazing dessert table (2 apple pies, 2 pumpin pies and chocolate/peanut butter thick brownies...and whipped cream!), but here are some shots from Z's Family Thanksgiving in Bel Air, California, at my uncle and aunt's home!  at least all the shots I could find that didn't have people in know how into anonymity I am! The dinner was DEEEElicious! 
  Appetizers of hummus, a fish spread, pita bread, salamis, string and feta cheeses, etc..really good

 Savory bread pudding, corn, string beans, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and very simple stuffing that was out of this world...I may leave sausage out next time I make it  myself..this was just the bread/onion/celery/seasonings stuffing and was amazingly good.  The flowers were about 2' long and consisted of tangerine, orange and red tulips and roses and other pretty!
 Turkey before bringing it to the table!  Just the smell of the roasting turkey tells us Thanksgiving is here, doesn't it?   There were about 35 of us and a good time, and delicious time, was had by all. My aunt and uncle are amazing hosts and I want to thank them here for such a beautiful evening.  xxxx
 Centerpieces..they were so beautiful.

I hope your Thanksgiving was great, too. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving side dishes

I love Thanksgiving food. (except giblets)  Because my family meets at  my Uncle and Aunt's home and they are having it catered for the second time in a row (though my Aunt's an excellent cook and gracious hostess), I won't be taking anything with me......BUT, more than the turkey, I adore the side dishes and wondered if you have special recipes for any that I can dream about :-)  I have a girlfriend who's come down with a cold so bad it's keeping her from spending her typical family Thanksgiving at her cabin in Big Bear up in the mountains, so I'm thinking we'll have to make up for her missing Thanksgiving dinner and I'll either cook or we'll find a turkey dinner somewhere next week!    Any ideas you'd like to share with us?   My blog friend, Silverlady, has provided what she calls "an infallibly good recipe for turkey."  She adds that "you might want to add it to your cooking site.  I used to put the bird in the oven, go to the barn, & ride for 3 hours.  Happy Thanksgiving  & love to all."

Here it is!: 

Roast turkey in foil (Life Picture Cook Book  - 1958)

Oven- 400' pre-heated

1 twelve-fifteen lb. bird
1/4 C. dry white wine
1/4 C. brandy
1 tsp. thyme (I'd use a bit more)
1 tsp. basil (" ")
Salt & pepper

Rub the outside of the bird with salt & pepper and softened butter, then stuff.  Put on large piece of HEAVY foil in a baking pan.  Pour over the wine & brandy mixed with the herbs.  Seal the foil & roast in hot oven (400') for 3 1/2 hours, more for larger bird  (3 3/4 or 4).  Fold foil back, spoon off drippings to add to gravy, & put bird back in the oven 30 minutes uncovered to brown, leaving the temp at 400 degrees.

SO...what to serve WITH your turkey?  Please chime in!  I have to admit that I'm a DRESSING fan (cooked outside the bird because it's way less fuss) but I still call it STUFFING and if anybody's got a great recipe for that, I'd love to hear it.  Turkey stuffing rates up there with Mac 'n Cheese with me, and you know that's UP there!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

APPLE PIE......what do you think?

It's annoying enough to click on a Yahoo Homepage article and have to sit through an ad and THEN a video instead of just reading what it says they're going to tell you on their teaser headline, but this really made me curious! (and a little ticked off)

I saw there's some award winning apple pie recipe which the developer of that recipe is finally sharing so I figured I'd check to see what makes her pie special (what makes my apple pie very special is bourbon-soaked raisins in it!). 

So I clicked on the headline and there's one of the dreaded videos.......I decided it can't be that they've brought me here and aren't publishing the recipe, too, so I scrolled down and hit COMMENTS......I was slowly reading through them (everybody's ticked off at the video instead of a recipe and a deaf person or two is really outraged because there's no accomodation for the deaf) when I saw a commenter had published the recipe.  She said "Here it is, for those of you who'd like it".......I'd gone by that comment when what she'd written finally HIT me!....but, by the time I scrolled back up, it was GONE, folks.   Honestly!   And, I'd noticed that the comments were up to something like 131 and, suddenly, it said 129!

Now, it could be it wasn't THAT recipe and the editors deleted it or they just plain want you to WATCH THE VIDEO so their advertisers which show their ad first get their payback!?  What do you think?  I just checked again, and way down the line of comments someone HAS printed "A" recipe, who knows if it's the one? But, there's nothing really special about it at all.  How can using a mechanical apple peeler make your pie better??   I WILL admit that the commenter said the award winner uses EMPIRE APPLES and they are MY FAVORITES and I've only had them ONCE in London, Ontario, Canada at an apple picking place near my sister's home.........and they've stuck in my mind as THE BEST!

Well, putting that aside, what special things do you do with YOUR apple pie? (and you've just got to decorate with those leaves (it's SO easy) but you MUST include a little apple alongside the leaves like I do!)    The apples in the image are Empires, by the way!