Monday, November 22, 2010

STUFFING/DRESSING.....what's in a name?

I LOVE "whatever you call it"...  We call it stuffing around these parts, I know some call it dressing.   Whatever.  I've scarcely found a stuffing I didn't like.   Odd, because I can't stand Panzanella, a cold salad with wet bread and, let's face it, stuffing IS largely wet bread!
In the past here or at my political blog, I think I've admitted that I never liked my dear Aunt J's stuffing and we have Thanksgiving at their house every year, so I used to bring stuffing for the non-gizzard-loving relatives amongst us, mostly ME :-)  THIS year, Aunt J's having Thanksgiving catered....I can't wait because she uses these caterers for lots of parties they have at their home for  fund raisers or parties of their own over 50 people, etc..and they have really delicious food! (Although Aunt J is just as wonderful cook and a fabulous hostess. it'll be fun to see what the caterers come up with, I'll let y'all know)  I'll bet THEY don't put gizzards in their stuffing!  (Pray for me, will you?!)  (Now I have to 'fess up that, very recently, I actually had started to not HATE Aunt J's gizzard stuffing after about 40 years...!)

SO.................give me your best shot;   WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE STUFFING?   You don't need to put the recipe in comments, but list main ingredients, those ingredients which set it apart from another stuffing (or dressing!).