Friday, November 25, 2011

Z's Thanksgiving

I should have followed my nephew around and had him take more pictures of FOOD, like the amazing dessert table (2 apple pies, 2 pumpin pies and chocolate/peanut butter thick brownies...and whipped cream!), but here are some shots from Z's Family Thanksgiving in Bel Air, California, at my uncle and aunt's home!  at least all the shots I could find that didn't have people in know how into anonymity I am! The dinner was DEEEElicious! 
  Appetizers of hummus, a fish spread, pita bread, salamis, string and feta cheeses, etc..really good

 Savory bread pudding, corn, string beans, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and very simple stuffing that was out of this world...I may leave sausage out next time I make it  myself..this was just the bread/onion/celery/seasonings stuffing and was amazingly good.  The flowers were about 2' long and consisted of tangerine, orange and red tulips and roses and other pretty!
 Turkey before bringing it to the table!  Just the smell of the roasting turkey tells us Thanksgiving is here, doesn't it?   There were about 35 of us and a good time, and delicious time, was had by all. My aunt and uncle are amazing hosts and I want to thank them here for such a beautiful evening.  xxxx
 Centerpieces..they were so beautiful.

I hope your Thanksgiving was great, too. 


Rita said...

Just beautiful. But of course you would have more couth than us hicks in the Midwest.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, it sure looks delicious.

Z said...

Rita, that cracked me UP!
I would absolutely LOVE to share a Midwest THanksgiving with you sometime....
You're a HICK like I'm the Queen of Romania! :-)
I hope yours was wonderful, too. xxx

sue hanes said...

Z - Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of your Thanksgiving meal.

And I thought about how nice the drive over must have been out there in Los Angeles.

But it was a nice day here too.


Z said...

Sue, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them.

Yes, the drive over is beautiful...up the beautiful Sunset Blvd to Stone Canyon and then into the hills......their house is so gracious and beautiful. I wish you all could come up with me!
It was perfect weather but a little crisp (which I like) so they'd had the patio plastic-sheeted with heaters inside..really nice.
Glad your day was so nice, too.

Rita said...

Z: Please let me know when you decide to come to reality USA, aka hicktown Indiana.

The BEST thing about my family is we never define family by blood. Second best is that family is NEVER about drama. We love each other so much.

I have come to realize we are extremely blessed, I've heard and been part of too many would rather hurl hatred and thereby never find the love, security and true peacefulness that we take for granted.

If you're ever out this way, please let me know, you'd love it.

But don't expect Martha Stewart, we're more like a white family of Al Rokers.

Always On Watch said...

Served buffet style?

Brooke said...

What a spread! WOW! You are quite the talented chef!

Z said...

BROOKE, it was CATERED! But thanks!
My AUnt has always cooked, she's a terrific cook, but she's had it catered the last two years and it's been really wonderful. And she gets to relax, too! (tho she's a great hostess and does oversee quite a bit)

AOW, yes, buffet style around the dining room table. The luxury was heightened when the catering staff came out and asked if we'd like seconds and what they could put on our plates for us, we didn't have to get up again!.. (of course, I said MASHED POTATOES AND STUFFING AND GRAVY, PLEASE! and could barely move and had to take my pumpkin pie home for when I had an inch of room left.and the minute I did, I gulped it down!)

Rita, are you anywhere near Anderson, Indiana? Thank you SO much for those lovely words and the invitation! I'll take you up on that if I'm anywhere near there.
I feel so much for families who don't get along and love each other...I am always stunned when I ask someone "Do you have brothers or sisters?" and they answer "Yes, but I don't know where they are..."... I simply can't imagine that. I adore my family.

My aunt and uncle live a truly gracious life; they've been very successful and it's our great honor and privilege that they share these beautiful occasions with all of their family and some friends who were invited. I'd say "our family's blessed" but I believe we're ALL blessed in various ways and no one is blessed more; it's what God WANTS our blessings to be, not us, right?
(end of sermon..SAY HALLELUJAH! Hahaa!!) x

Mom is eighty and has Christmas at her house. I will post those pictures too, if I can just direct my darling nephew John, who took these shots, to take some of the food without people in them. yes, I'm that weird about anonymity (as if you'd know anybody, right?!) I can't help it. My brother in law from Canada is a terrific cook and he helps Mom with the food (they stay with her when they're here for Christmas so it works out great)

Mr. Z and I used to host Christmas Eve at our house..we'd have my mother and the Canada family (and friends if they had nowhere to go) siblings have Christmas Eve with their inlaws. We'd all go to church before dinner but my brother-in-law didn't so I'd set him up with the TV remote, a Scotch on the rocks, and directions for when to take a dish out of the oven, or into the oven, etc! Worked out great to have a talented cook at home!

I just got an email from my aunt inviting me to leftovers at their h ouse tonight..I think I'm going to GO!! MORE MASHED POTATOES AND STUFFING.. HURRAH!!

sue hanes said...

Z - It is beautiful here in Southern Indiana too.

I know because I went to buy a rug today and two hours later I was home.

Not because I was shopping all that time but because I still can't find my way around and I keep ending up going for long rides in the country - until I finally get back home.

The rug is beautiful - perfect for my bedroom.

Z said...

it's a crummy 75 degrees here, a few miles from the ocean. I loved the crisp air we'd been having and hope it turns cool again. I'd hate a hot December!

Good for you on the rug; glad it's just perfect, Sue. and I can only imagine how pretty that countryside is. Are you at all near Anderson, Indiana?

Rita said...

Z: I'll just say this, I live in central Indiana, can get to Anderson in about 30 minutes.

My roots are in southern Indiana. Mother from a tiny town called Loogootee (pronounced LOgOTY, call it LouGooTee and they'll kick you OUT). Dad from a town that is now under Patoka Lake f/k/a Newton Stewart.

That officially makes me a hick.

Thanksgiving is always in southern Indiana. Our "buffet" style is knocking down the person in front of you while heading to the stove to dish up. We may not have fancy dishes, but they are served "homestyle" delicious with love.

Considering we are now heading into December here, it's kinda dangerous for someone to be complaining about a "crummy" 75 degree day. Ya gotta be careful, us "hicks" can be mean when winter rolls around.

Z said...

Rita, I LIKE COLD!< that's why I whine about this temp in late Autumn :-) Go figure; and I was raised right here in Los Angeles!

I think serving LOVE like our families do trumps COUTH any day :) but I must admit that our happy family is graciously hosted by my aunt and uncle and we appreciate the loveliness!! You'll be very glad to know I went there tonight and we ate in the kitchen, leftovers, and a lot of love! (though she'd thrown away the stuffing because she hadn't liked it and I LOVED IT boohoo!!...) Of course, you should SEE her kitchen, but that's another story; we DID eat in the kitchen :-)

sue hanes said...

Z - Speaking of stuffing - I was making a spinach salad tonight with smoked salmon, mushrooms and saw some leftover stuffing and put some of that in and it was good. Plus some blue cheese...

and raspberry vinagrette - I love that stuff.

cube said...

I'm late here because of how crazy busy it's been lately. I wish I had thought of taking pictures of our spread, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as nice as your uncle & aunt's. Ours was all homemade, but on the whole, very tasty and very filling. Oy, too filling.

I'm glad you all had a good time. You understand what we understand, that the food is nice, but the family time is better.

BTW I left you a reply for the stewed green bean recipe you asked me in the previous post. Hope you can get to it.

covnitkepr1 said...

Looks like a real feast/
I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.