Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Delicious!   From appetizers to dinner to dessert at my aunt and uncle's.....what a gorgeous day.   I'm glad for your "where are your food pictures?" questions...My nephew took these and approached me last night and asked "So, Auntie Z, you want the food pictures like always?"  "Yup, I sure do...!"
God bless.


Always On Watch said...

What kinds of pies?

Rita said...

What is the white stuff in the first picture towards the front, on the plate that is white and green?

1.21roots said...

Z - Wow! I'm sure the food was as good as it looks. Thanks for posting it.

1.21roots said...

My daughters have been at it again on the computer. The above comment is from Sue Hanes.

Thersites said...

Beautiful presentation, as always, Z. Looks like a wonderful time! :)

Impertinent said...

Man Oh Man...what a stunning spread.

Z said...

AOW: pumpkin, apple, and chocolate/caramel brownies and my sister's Hummingbird Cake, which must have still been in front of my Uncle at the table for his birthday when this pic was taken!

Rita, that's very very thinly shredded string cheese...the green stuff is my mom's BEST stuffed grapeleaves.. the red is salami, then there is a kind of caviar, hummus and feta cheese and black olives (we are Armenian, you know)!!

Thanks, Imp and Sue! I love sharing these because I LOVE to look at food, too! Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, it was all very delicious.

That green salad in the second picture had a light dressing on it with chunks of blue cheese in it and the bowl in front of the salad is more blue cheese......very good.