Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Olive Oil.............who knew?

I can't imagine stir frying Asian recipes with olive oil, but I do quite a lot of sauteeing with it....THIS ARTICLE tells us that's even BAD for us...the article is interesting and has some good tips in it. It tells what oils to use for what............some are surprising. It omits using olive oil in salads and I believe that's one of the healthiest ways of using it. Anyway, very interesting.....Check it out! (if anybody reading here is too young to recognize the lady to your left, do NOT let me know....!)


Anonymous said...

In the first place, IMO, if you want to enjoy your food, don't read anything that says Healthy Living! Heck, I don't know the difference between transfats or any other kinds of fats.

I do suspect in a few years, the prevailing wisdom will be, the opposite from today's. It never fails.

I've always used butter, never margarine except in my turkey stuffing. My friends thought I was foolish and not careful enough.

I figured nature provides butter, and God knows what all is in margarine. Recently I was vindicated when it came out butter is better for you. AHA! It wouldn't have mattered to me if it hadn't. I don't like margarine.

My Grandmother ate everything until she died at 94, so I'm hoping genetic makeup matters more than eating the "health food" of the day. That is until that health food is not so healthy after all, and a trendy new "healthy" diet comes along. I ignore it all.

So Z, I use olive oil, canola oil, or butter depending on what I'm making. I'm afraid I'm of no use if you're looking for what's healthy. I only know what Mr. Pris and I like, and that's good enough for me.


Faith said...

All the cooking shows use olive oil -- Extra Virgin -- for sauteeing, frying and whatnot -- of EVERYTHING. They make a big deal out of it. That's what got me started doing it.

I can't imagine using it for stir-frying though -- wrong flavor. For stir fry I used to hear that peanut oil was the thing because of its very high smoke point. Now this article is classifying that with olive oil in the medium range. I don't know who to believe. But I can't find peanut oil in the store any more anyway and got sunflower oil last time for higher heat cooking. Glad to find out that's OK by this article.

Like Pris I've always used butter and NEVER EVER EVER margarine. I knew it was a poison because it's a hydrogenated fat and I could never understand why that wasn't generally known. I knew it from high school chemistry. But I'd probably have eaten butter instead anyway because I HATE margarine. My cholesterol isn't even terribly high -- a little high but not bad -- and I REALLY like butter.

Olive oil is the best on salads though.

Anonymous said...

I use olive oil (not EV, though). Regular tastes better to me. I use it in salads and when sauteeing (with a bit of butter!). I use canola for frying.

I use Smart Balance or real butter for baking.

Z said...

I've never used Margarine, either...at least we know what's IN that! Or at least we can pronounce it:-)

This article's here because it ran against the normal way of considering oils and cooking and I thought you all might want to see it and consider it...I thought it was interesting.

If you want to sautee on high, they say to add oil to the butter and it'll stop the butter from burning and it does, I have to admit.

Yes, olive oil is best on salads no matter what this thing advised!

Anonymous said...

Hi Z,

Yep, we pan fry catfish (my special recipe) in about 1/16th inch of olive oil. wouldn't change even for the food police. Will send the recipe some day when I get the energy.

Olive oil has some anti-biotic properties so I use it on skin rash, etc... and maybe it is actually the Biblical Balm of Gilead. Hmmm.

Used to eat nothing but butter but changed to Smart Balance (wife) and actually like it now (only a tiny bit of hydro - almost none if any).

Will still cook my catfish in OO.. and enjoy. At 80+ I figure I will enjoy the last few years, or months or days.. whatever -- according to what the Lord has planned for me.

In Jesus Christ, ExP(Jack)

Z said...

Glad to see you here, dear Jack!
But, doesn't that olive oil overpower the flavor? Still, if you like it and you're used to it...ENJOY! I'm with you on that!

A girlfriend of mine is 61 and has beautiful strawberry red hair and red hair skin, too, if you know what I mean. She suddenly started using olive oil on her face about 4 years ago and you wouldn't believe her beautiful skin! She said it's worked wonders.
Another woman I know has amazing eye lashes and she advises putting just a tad of olive oil on the lashes at night!
Maybe it IS the Balm of Gilead!!

Do give us the recipe when you're feeling up to it...there are few more delicious things than fried fish! thanks..xxx

Faith said...

Oops. I just reread the article and it appears it's easy to misread it. Peanut oil is not classed with olive oil as I'd thought but with the Higher Heat group -- not the highest though which I'd have expected if it's good for stir fry. Olive oil is listed for light sauteeing which is how I've learned to use it thanks to the cooking shows. I thought it would make things taste strange but for meats and fish it doesn't. Also, olive oil IS classed as good for salads -- it's just hard to read that awkward chart. I dunno if it was worth sorting all this out or not but there it is.

Z said...

Faith, yes..... I've always heard that uncooked Olive Oil is the best for salads and it's apparently not, but it IS good for them.....

Pedaling said...

i know olive oil, and Popeye, and Brutus, too!

Anonymous said...

Olive Oil is the ONLY oil to use when preparing southern European and Mediterranean food.

I grew up with Italian relatives on one side -- my mother's parents were born in Italy -- and I never ever heard the term "virgin" applied to olive or any other kind of oil till the Yuppies and latter-day food and wine snobs started taking over the food pages of the New York Times and other elitist organs of communication.

"Extra virgin" sounds unforgivably vulgar to me. One virgin should be enough to last a man a lifetime.

Butter for most baking, lard for pie crust, peanut and canola oils for stir-frying. PERIOD!

Rednecks of course fry their old boots, dead cats and junk yard dogs in reclaimed crankcase oil. Cast off garden gloves sauteed in virgin crankcase oil are a great delicacy in these circles. And you haven't lived till you've eaten a mess of squirrel, possum, rat and mole deeep fired together in a 55 gallon oil drum.

~ FreeThinke