Friday, February 5, 2010


What will you be eating during the Super Bowl? Please share it with us!!
I'll be having Chicken Tortilla Soup at my sister's........with lots of friends and family.
Have a great time, everybody. (I wish the Lakers were playing instead :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, not being a football fan, I have no Super Bowl food, though we'll probably watch it.

How about baseball food? We love Dodger Dogs! Oh, I guess it's too early for that. Darn.

Since LA doesn't have a football team, I don't even care who wins. Well, wait, I'll root for the underdogs, New Orleans. Those folks deserve something to cheer about.

Have a great time at your Super Bowl parties everyone. I'll be thinking about spring training and a great summer of baseball. And for you Z, Go Lakers!

Well I guess I covered all the bases (heh heh), have fun!


Faith said...

Football?? Football? Nope, doesn't ring any bells. A ball you wear on your foot?

Lakers? They jump in a lake wearing balls on their feet? What?

How about some PBS-watching food?

namaste said...

baked chicken wings: diced garlic, hot sauce, lemon juice, italian dressing, and bbq sauce. cooked (covered) at 400 degrees for one hour. the meat will be falling off the bones. yum! and it goes well with mac and cheese.

Soloman said...


Tostitos Scoops (very simple and great for picking up full of toppings), with the substitution of ground turkey for ground beef, refried beans, Frito-Lay Jalepeno Cheddar dip, Salsa, and Guacamole.

Easy single guy concoction that impresses the friends.

Lakers? ugh. Go Cavs!

Tom said...

Teriaki and BBQ wings will be the main fare at our Super Bowl this year. Everyone else is on their own (it's a BYOF [Bring Your Own Food] night).

christian soldier said...

Go Red Wings :-) Hockey anyone...
Watching Super Bowl for the Tebow ad--
Will let you know what off-spring prepares-always enough for an Army---anyone want to come and help us eat it all...

Elmers Brother said...

I already mentioned the boneless ribs, but we're also having the corn chowder I left the recipe for, nachos, little smokies, tortilla chips, salsa and Honey Brown lager.

Z said...

I'm STUFFED and you're making me hungry reading this!!! Thanks, everybody, for coming by.