Saturday, April 24, 2010

Couldn't resist this....bird dinner!

Well, my original post said this was taken at Mr. Z's favorite fish restaurant, Brophy Brothers, in Santa Barbara, a place where we had such good times ...but I took a better look and realized I myself was 'out for lunch' and mistook the's actually GLADSTONE'S in Santa Monica on the beach.........This shot is taken by Ms Z, Mr. Z's daughter... She takes GREAT pictures and I loved this one and had to put it on my food blog! But, it is NOT Brophy Brothers. I should post a shot of that place because he loved it so, but there's always one of US in those shots and you know me and ANONYMITY! Anyway, I loved the picture and wanted to share it..



Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the times we've eaten down on the wharf in SF and the birds are just everywhere. I'm sure the locals get irritated, but I think it's fun.

So special that Ms. Z and Mr. Z had those special times together. My dad introduced me to SF, in fact. He's the foodie, Z. And such a good cook.

I do enjoy Ms. Z's photos, too.
(I'm rambling...)

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture.

Ah well Z, you know what they say, waste not want not, right?


Z said...

Jen, glad you know SF so well, it's a beautiful city, isn't it..with GREAT FOOD! I'm glad you enjoy ms Z's photos.

Pris, you're right...they're not wanting! That huge 'martini glass' was filled with fried calamari. OOps! I just realized this is NOT BROPHY BROTHERS this is in Santa Monica's GLADSTONES! Better change the post text! YIKES!!

Elmers Brother said...

I like it too.

cube said...

Never been to SF, but we have many similar places here in Florida except we'd have seagulls instead of pigeons cleaning up after us.

Seagulls are quite aggressive scavengers. On my first trip to Clearwater Beach (I was 8 years old), a seagull managed to steal the hotdog right out of the bun I was holding! Now that's a bold bird.

Faith said...

I know how to take a photo and put a black bar over the eyes using the Paint program if you want to maintain your anonymity that way.

Faith said...

Or a mask, or any kind of change you want.

Z said...

Faith, thanks...let me think it over :-)
I appreciate that.

Cube, that is ONE BOLD and STRONG BIRD!