Monday, May 3, 2010

What food do you LOVE to HATE?

THIS is interesting!! The 10 foods people love to hate!

liver, okra, sardines, eggplant, hard boiled eggs, beets, brussel sprouts, blue cheese, lima beans and grits.

Okay...I have to admit, I do NOT like liver...but the rest? Heck yes! (except I could never really 'love' lima beans and only recently could stand eating them in mixed vegetable combinations)...

How's about YOU? Do you hate any of the above? Do you hate any other food intensely that you care to mention? Join in!!


Janie Lynn said...

When I was about 5 I discovered a heat vent under our dining room table. When I was 18 we found a pile of pertrified chunks of liver and a smattering of lima beans in that vent. I was a smart kid. The beans - it's the texture. The liver - it's just awful!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

There are three foods I just don't understand: beets, pimentoes and green olives. They're vile-tasting to me.

Anonymous said...

I can't eat sushi. No raw fish for me. I won't eat sardines, too fishy. I guess I've baited too many fish hooks. These seem more like bait than something to eat.

Other than that, your list looks good to me. I love liver smothered in sauteed onions. Yum. Who doesn't like hard boiled eggs? Doesn't everybody? Hmmm, I guess not!


Z said...

Janie Lynn...I agree with you about the TEXTURE but, think about it, it's kind of like the liver know? very mildly 'gritty'? yich! That is SO funny about the vent!!

Pasadena..I have to admit to liking those foods..what, you don't like MARTINIS with pimiento stuffed green olives!!?? :-)

Pris, I adore fish and sushi but I know many don't! Can you imagine hating hard boiled eggs? I can't!!! But, I guess many do!?

I could almost get liver down as a kid when it was smothered in caramelized onions and half a bottle of catsup, with french fries! You have to have a LIVER GENE to like that stuff, I think..tho I DO like many pates if they're not too livery.

Faith said...

Okra's sliminess but I've only had it once or twice and it's OK in soups.

Also black-eyed peas, another food I've had once or twice, another Southern favorite interestingly. They taste like dirty socks to me.

Anonymous said...

Here goes, hard boiled eggs - no thanks! Liver? Maybe another time. Sardines, on the BBQ? I'll pass. Yep to Okra if fried, same for eggplant, love the beets, sprouts and black-eyed peas! Blue cheese makes a great salad dressing.

How 'bout hominy, y'all? But I cannot imagine why anyone would ever eat grits!

(a Texas boy)

Z said...

Faith, I grew up with the sliminess of okray, but Mom's never really got mushy slimy, they were good! She steeps them in lots of chopped onion and tomato sauce and lemon and sometimes put bits of lamb shank in it..just fabulous.

I agree with you on black eyed peas...blah.

Hey, Will, welcome and thanks for proving some people do not like hard boiled eggs!! WHO KNEW? Sardines on the BBQ? Kind of hard to keep between the grates, huh? :0) I like them very much with fresh lemon.
Plus, I ADORE smelt...and am not sure there's a difference in sardines vs smelt...smelt are tiny little fish and are DELICIOUS when lightly dipped in batter and deep fried..with salt and some lemon. MAN, is that delicious!
Glad you came by geeeZ.

Anonymous said...

Z, I fry the liver and the onions in bacon fat. The only food I didn't make my daughter eat was liver. I do understand one either loves it or hates it. She ate just the bacon which I serve on the side.

My son however loves liver too. I guess you're right. Maybe it is genetic. It just didn't "take" with his sister.


Linda said...

Okay, I'm getting old enough, I eat what I like. One of these days, I'll be getting the pureed stuff again! LOL!

When I was in Weight Watchers a lifetime ago, liver was to be eaten once a week. I had to get a DR's order so I wouldn't have to eat it. I guess if my DR hadn't give me that order, I would have lied and eaten a nice sirloin instead!

All my parents loved liver. They all lived during the depression, and that was the meat they could afford. ('All' my parents...sounds odd, but I had a step-mom, and a step-dad too!)

Steve Harkonnen said...

liver - Gross. I don't eat innards/organs.
okra - awesome fried and in gumbo.
sardines - great while underway on a rolling ship and watching people watch you eat them while they vomit.
eggplant - Awesome in italian dishes and also in breads.
hard boiled eggs - I don't eat eggs.
beets - when pickled in vinegar Brit style, they rule. Pickled American style they suck because American pickled beets have corn syrup in them.
brussel sprouts - a favorite of mine. Keep the sauces away though.
blue cheese - I think it's ok.
lima beans - Yummy.
grits - Disgusting.

Ducky's here said...

... and you know when people sometimes ruin perfectly good yams at Thanksgiving by adding marshmallows.

Even limas don't generate that kind of disgust.

Brooke said...

I have honestly never tried liver. I suppose I should just to see what I'm missing. Heh.

Brooke said...

Oh, Ducky's comment reminds me that I hate marshmallows. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Green bean casserole made out of canned green beans, canned mushroom soup and other processed crap. I really don't understand that American dish. It's an offense to food. The last time I was presented that by my mother in law, I wanted to throw up. Other than her green been casserole and hers being in constant denial about the current Democrats, she's great.


Z said...

FrogBurger, that is SUCH an AMERICAN dish ...maybe it's something you have to develop a taste for!!! :-)

Ducky, I'm with you on the marshmallows on yams...I'll eat them but I don't like that too much.

My mother was born in Istanbul and raised in Cairo and she can't bring herself to mix meat with sweets, like mint sauce with lamb or apple sauce with pork...funny how everybody has different things they're used to!

Brooke said...

Green bean casserole is good if you use fresh or frozen beans and do your own mushroom stock, but canned is definitely gross.

I also prefer to carmelize my own onions and use them rather than fried onions from a can.

That said, GBC is a Thanksgiving thing here.

Anonymous said...

Being half southern, I LOVE OKRA. I love it fried, in veggie soup, and gumbo. The only thing on the list I don't like is Blue Cheese. It tastes like something that went rotton!

A big hint on egg plant... rinse it well (after slicing) and put it in ice water for a couple hours before cooking it. It takes the bitterness out. I love egg plant parmigiana.

I agree with Ducky... Marshmallows ruin sweet potatoes. My favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is is baked with butter and some cinnamon sugar. :-)

And also, being half southern, I do like fried chicken livers. When I was pregnant, I used to gross my co-workers out by coming in with a pint of fried chicken livers about twice a week! I'd get them fresh at a convenience market on my way in. LOL!!! Oh how they would gag!!!!


Anonymous said...

I could do GBC with fresh produce, great mushrooms, and onions that are not from some plastic bag. But most of what you see is out of cans, slimy, etc... Gross.

That's the only American thing I don't like. The rest I love. Hamburgers, hot dogs, philly cheese steak, fried chicken, meatloaf (I LOVE meatloaf).

This is going to sound strange but between an American dish and a French dish for my last meal, I think I'd pick the American.

Marshmallows with sweet potatoes sounds like a non-sense to me. Why put a candy with vegetables? I guess I'll have to add that to my list of gross American dishes made out of processed food.

That's the second thing I agree with Ducky today. Something is wrong.


Anonymous said...

We don't like marshmallows with yams either. Just butter please.

However, marshmallow to top a cup of cocoa(made with milk), is yummy.


Anonymous said...

Will: bite your tongue regarding grits! Grits with butter and brown sugar...good stuff.

Liver disgusted me as a kid. I haven't had it in about 20 years and admit to being curious about it. I'm also curious about the Mexican menudo but not sure I can stomach tripe (groan).

Yams with brown sugar, marshmellows, wallnuts, and coconut--good stuff.

Hard boiled eggs are only worthwhile if you're lifting weights a lot and trying to cram protein into your system.

Beet juice isn't too bad.

Brussel sprouts absorb a lot, so they can hold a lot of butter while letting you delude yourself into thinking you're eating healthy because you're eating vegetables.

If you're eating salad with no concern for calories, fat, etc., blue cheese is the money dressing.


Jen said...

I would never eat sardines or liver, but the rest of that list is a-okay with me. Especially the okra!

It's odd, but I've developed an aversion to sausage. Breakfast sausage, bbq sausage, any kind of sausage. Even my beloved brazilian chorizo makes me queasy.

Z said...

Jen!! "Makes me queasy?" UHOH :-)

Jen said...

Uhhh. NO!


Z said...

hee hee!!!

Anonymous said...

YUM! to everything listed ... love it all! I try to keep away from liver, though, only because of cholesteral problems and recent vegetarian tendencies ... but would I eat it again? YES!

cube said...

I eat it all except lima beans and liver. Ugh. Can't stomach those two, but I actually love brussel sprouts.

Reformer17 said...

Hi, Z. Frogburger's better half here. I'm cracking up at his anecdote about my Mom's GBC at Thanksgiving--good thing he mentioned she's a decent woman outside that and her political denial... ;-)

Your list contains my most hated (and previously despised foods). My mom occasionally made liver fried with bacon and onions and I HATED it. Would beg mom to serve with mashed potatoes so I could bury each horrible bite in potato goodness. Still hate liver. That gritty taste kills me.

FB eats canned sardines and the smell alone makes me want to keel over.

My mother also loved to cook lima beans when I was a kid, and beets. I didn't like them as a child, but can eat them now (I like fresh roasted beets, not canned). Also, I hated brussel sprouts in childhood but have came to love them since I met FB.

I have to add boiled frozen carrots to the hated list. And second the canned GBC and marshmallows with yams. (love yams alone)