Saturday, October 20, 2012

ADULTERATED Mac n'GeeZ and it sounds good to Z? all know that I want PLAIN MAC AND NOT put ham in it, etc etc.  BUT, I saw THIS RECIPE  (link under those words) and flipped out and will have to make it soon!)

Some tell me that a can of chopped tomatoes in Macaroni and Cheese is good, too.....Do tell.

What do you add to good ol' plain cheese and noodles that you think make them even more delicious!?




Thersites said...

Bacon ...genius!

Z said...

YA, I thought so, too! And I'd leave it fairly chunky, you know? Crisp and chunky..mmmmmmm!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sub crumbled potato chips for the breadcrumbs.

Z said...

Ya, Ed....I suppose that might be nice on macaroni and cheese...
I'm one of those weird ones who loves tuna casserole and I love crumbled potato chips on that, though I think it's probably been YEARS AND YEARS since I had either tuna casserole no matter what was on top!
I don't eat tons of pasta, tho I love it...I should treat myself to a good tuna casserole! with peas..and potato chips on top!

Brooke said...

Bacon, yup!

I think some scalloped potato slices might be heavenly as well... But I think potatoes make everything that much better!

Z said...

BROOOOOOOKE! Potatoes in mac and cheese!?
By the way, I have NEVER met a potato I DIDN"T LOVE :-) I'm with you there!

Z said...

Brooke, by the way, did you ever VERY thinly slice potatoes (leave skin on) and sautee them in oil and butter and a little dry thyme? OH MY GOSH! DEEEELICIOUS!

Z said...

and S&P of course :-)

Anonymous said...

very similar to the Mac & cheese my grandmother from Mississippi used to make - i make it at least once each winter. the bacon is VERY chunky & i fry that up with some very finely chopped sweet onions. grandma used regular Swiss cheese, but i use gruyere because it's one of my favorites - but just like grandma, i also add Parmesan and Romano cheeses. if i have any, I throw in some asiago. too...

made like this, it's truly a wonderful meal. hmmmm. I think I need to make this next weekend...

Z said...
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Average American said...

In school-many many many many moons ago they used to serve mac n cheese and American chop suey once a week, on the same day. I got REAL friendly with the lunch ladies and they'd let me have a scoop of each. Mixed together they are GRRRRRRRRREAT!

Now a days, I like strips of buttered bread toasted on top. MMMMM. Another fave is a bit of barbeque sauce, but don't over do it. Ketchup in a pinch.

viburnum said...

Everything's better with bacon!

Brooke said...

Z: Oh, yes! And baked them that way, too!

Potatoes are the best. It is getting chilly enough to start making potato soup with a heavy cream base, good ol' country fried potatoes, and of course one can never go wrong with a baked potato!

My husband has been making heavenly hash browns every Sunday; he has a cast-iron griddle that he puts on the grill and hand-shreds potatoes while it warms up.

I could eat those three time a day every day!

Anonymous said...

FROM Z at work:

Brooke, mymother used to make homemade hashed browns years ago; she used leftover boiled potatoes, does Mr. Brooke start from raw? And they don't get over done? Just curious. I LOVE hashed browns and still bemoan the fact that most restaurants around here have gone from hashed browns for breakfast to those stupid tiny chopped potatoes with onions and peppers....which are fine, but not with fried eggs and bacon or ham! (or both!)

Mom used to make boiled potatoes mostly with something she served called "Daisy Ham"...anybody remember that? It's a small pork 'butt', I think...and I believe it was cured because it was a dark pink and absolutely DELICIOUS boiled, sliced and served with fresh spinach and boiled potatoes...mmmm

Brooke said...

Dave starts with raw; they don't over done. He cooks them with a bit of oil on the skillet until they're crispy on the outside and a bit soft on the inside. A bit of salt and pepper, and you're set!

Now, he makes the most awesome mashed potatoes, too. It's getting that time of the year again... MMM!

When we have leftovers (not often) he will shape it into patties and fry it for breakfast the next day, next to an egg and a piece of goetta or sausage.

I think those cubed potatoes are "O'Brien" style. I hate that, too.

I've never heard of 'Daisy ham', but it sounds awesome!

Fredd said...

Best not to adulterate an iconic American dish.

But, alas, it's done all the time, especially internationally. We were at a restaurant in Wuhan, China and I ordered a hamburger, after tiring of constant dim sum, etc: it came with a bun, a beef burger, and then they topped it with bok choi, a fried egg and some kind of berry jam on the side.

McDonalds, it was not.

Z said...

Brooke, i think some people have similar taste buds and you and Dave are SURE similar to MINE :-)
Oh, GAD, do his hashed browns sound DELICIOUS! ANd mashed potato cakes with eggs and sausage? HOLD ME DOWN! :-) you know, I'm ALL about PLAIN MACARONI AND CHEESE, but this particular recipe I linked to sounded intriguing! Had mac 'n cheese today for lunch..mmm
I know what you mean about YEARNING for American food when you're away. In Greece, I couldn't look at feta and green peppers and in Budapest, I thought if I saw sausage or paprika again, I'd flip out! I LOVE that stuff, but NOT EVERY DAY!

Thankfully, the countries I have lived in are France and Germany and they have other cuisines, though NEITHER has even passable Mexican food; not even CLOSE. Munich had an excellent American diner. France doesn't really have that.
But, in France, you really don't care! A burger with a fried egg on top is standard fare there and I Loved it!
Both places had McDo's as the French call it, but I honestly don't remember eating any in Munich. I did in Paris, about twice a year.

Fredd said...

Yeah, Z. I get the yearning for all things American when overseas. I was stationed in an army barracks in Augburg,Germany, 60 kilometers west of Munich.

A bunch of my buddies and I would drive that 60 km's to Munchen about once a week to the McDonalds - where they served beer with their Big Mac's.

My standard order was a 'Viertel Pfunder mit Kase, Pommes frites und ein Beir - zu mit nehmen.'

Z said...

"Viertel Pfunder.." that's hilarious and, of course, absolutely correct German! i cringe when I think of beer instead of Coke with a Quarter pounder, but "chacun a son gout!"

not sure HOW you say that auf Deutsch!
The pommes frites never tasted quite the same there to me...
Nor in Paris. to you?

Isn't Munchen fabulous?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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FreeThinke said...

All I would ever add to the traditional Mac n Cheese is a deep top crust made from cubed slices of Pepperidge Farm original white bread, many dots of butter and maybe a couple of tablespoons full of grated Parmesan or Romano cheese.

Once this crust is browned and bubbly, it's time to take it out of the oven, let it cool for ten or fifteen minutes, then start eating.

It my be "heresy," but I like this casserole a little on the dry side. The top should be really crunchy.

Everyone has praised bacon to the skies. I love it too, believe me, but how about adding maybe half cupful of chopped up bits of well-browned, well-drained breakfast sausage or even chorizo -- for a change?

I've never done it, but I imagine it might be worth a try.

~ FreeThinke

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