Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Graduation, Seniors!

Some of the seniors at the school I'm associated with have been eager to get my food blog address.  I always said "no" because it linked to my political blog and, unlike 90% of teachers in America,  I don't believe in swaying kids by voicing strong political opinions.  (much! :-))  

Why I'm writing this is because so many of the girls are such foodies and that was so gratifying to me to know.   Liz asked if we could go get the Macaroni and Cheese with white truffles she'd mentioned to me soon;  she'd had it at a nearby restaurant and knew I loved mac'n cheese and I hope we can eat there in the next few weeks.  Noemi is a rabid foodie and watches the Food Channel shows I love and wants to open her own place some day.  Joanie wins track awards and has a thin, tight figure but LOVES FOOD!  Go, Joanie!  Eat while you're young and you can! :-)
At this moment, other girls escape my memory but there were more eager for Mrs. Z's food blog.

I finally gave a hint about my blog recently (after I'd unlinked the two blogs) and so some might come by.  Or maybe not, they have too much fun stuff to do now, the summer after high school graduation and the exciting prospect of colleges in the fall.   But, if they are, I wanted to say something to them:

I love you.  I love who you are in every way, including your love of food!  I wish you faith, food and fun! :-)  In that order, of course.   I will miss you, I already do, in ways I never thought possible.  You have inspired me to remember there are good kids left in our world.  Keep it up.   College has pitfalls to faith and, by making bad choices, can REALLY impact your fun.    Food is safer, unless you're obese!  Eat NOW because, when you're somewhat older, you'll get all the warnings about cholesterol and weight gain, etc.  Eat NOW, don't worry today, because you are young and should participate in the wonderful flavors of the world.  That includes fats!, food, fun, and FAT! :-)  Go for it ALL!

Be well, be happy.........know how much you mean to me and to America.   We need more like you girls to live good, honest lives of good characters and the right values.   See, some of us still think there are rights and wrongs and good values and bad values.   That's important.  You have been taught about these things at home and at school.  That's a rarity;  cherish it.

Goodbye, ladies.........I'll never forget you.  Liz, call me about the mac 'n cheese.   You're a Junior, so I'll see you again, for sure, but I had to include you in this epistle to our seniors because you're one of the TOP foodies!  Noemi, too, of course....who's passionate and determined to do food for a living!  I hope to be the first in line at "Chez Noemi!", wherever it is.

Love, Mrs. Z  (girls, I NEVER use the name you called me, so please don't use it here in case you comment)



Fredd said...

Foodie Fredd sez hi, Z. Nice note to college bound girls.

What, no similar sentiment to college bound boys?

Z said...
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Anonymous said...

Fredd! This is Z, using no website associated link because my political blog is my business and not that of the kids'!
I removed all connections.

BUT, I will say that no, the boys never were as food conscious as my girls at school were! I can hardly wait to eat the white truffle macaroni and cheese one of them raves about at a place not far from Chez Z!! (home!)

Thanks for coming by!

Jhizz said...

Love you Z! Let's get lunch with everyone soon:) -J

Z said...
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Anonymous said...

Blogger Z said...
YES, let's do it! I hope we can some day soon. xxx
I love you, too, honey.
You looked GREAT at the Gala!