Tuesday, January 12, 2010


.........and the warden says "Tomorrow is your execution. Give us a complete list of what you'd like to eat today."
One of mine, of course, is DEFINITELY MAC and CHEESE! And mashed potatoes. And white truffles on pasta. Oh, and spaghetti and meatballs. And..........well, let me hear yours, please! z


sue said...

Z - This is easy! My caramel corn, my potato salad, hor d'hourves, Hagen Daz coffee ice cream, fried zuchinni and a ribeye on the rare side. But I don't want to get executed to get that.

Z said...

Hagen Daz coffee ice cream is my very favorite ice cream, too. Maybe you should make this dinner on your next birthday, give yourself a real treat!?

Faith said...

Hey I've got my homely favorites, but if I could have whatever I want for a last meal I'd go for the fancy stuff I rarely or never get to eat. Julia Child's chicken liver mousse is that good I'd want it for an "appetizer," as well as Beluga Caviar which I've never had but am sure I'd love. And I love lobster bisque the way I once had it in a 5 star San Francisco restaurant, but that might be too repetitive since I think for an entree I'd like Julia Child's lobster thermidor. A couple of filet mignons with Bearnaise sauce as a backup perhaps. Artichokes with a spicy dipping sauce are a favorite vegie. Potatoes au gratin. Tira misu for dessert. I'd be sick as a dog after all that but they're going to take me out of my misery soon anyway.

Z said...

Faith, delicious! And I had to laugh at your last line...good point! No TUMS needed :-)
I like this exercise of hearing peoples' favorite foods....very interesting insight..

Faith said...

And that pasta with white truffles sounds well qualified for a last meal so add that.

Anonymous said...

Cabbage soup, Lobster tail w/clarified butter, baked potato with butter/sour cream and chives, and salad. A glass of wine (white merlot). No dessert, I'd be too full.

Hmmmmm given the circumsatnces, make that two glasses of wine, and a couple of sleeping pills. If I'm going to go down that last long aisle, they'll have to carry me! Ha, Ha.


Linda said...

You know, pizza is the great comfort food, and if I was going to be executed anyway, give me a large hand tossed meat lovers! I'd eat it all!

Faith said...

I gotta see the cabbage soup recipe that someone would choose for her last meal!

Z said...

Faith, I think I'll blog on that white truffles..and an experience I had. it's well worth it.
I laughed at your comment about cabbage soup...I must admit I'd like to see that recipe, Pris!! Sweet/sour cabbage soup, maybe? I do like that!

Linda..."large hand tossed meat lovers" ?? you mean sausage and pepperoni, etc., on a pizza? pizza's definitely a good last meal, you're right!

Pris, lobster with drawn butter..mmmm I love surf 'n turf and like dipping the MEAT in the butter (but can't anymore or my doctor will murder me with his own two hands :-)

Linda said...

Ah, Z, if you've never had Pizza Hut's meatlovers pizza, you are in for a treat! It has sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, and lots of cheese. In fact, if this is my last meal, I'm going to have them double the cheese.

Man, now I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna ignore the part about being executed...I'd just do what Pris said and order sleeping pills and wine!

My favorite meal would be Greek chicken lemonati with rice almondine, a traditional greek salad with feta cheese, the flaming fried cheese (can't remember the name) and a good white wine to go with.

Anonymous said...

I've never had white truffles, Z. I'll have to have those next time we're in San Francisco.

Oh, and Starbucks Mocha Chip ice cream is da bomb.

Faith said...

Oh you're all so REASONABLE! This is the day before your DEATH. Go for broke! (In my case it's the state that's gonna go broke, alas, and me a conservative!)

Of course maybe I'm the only bona fide glutton in this bunch (and in reality I probably would fast and pray for the day before my death and certainly wouldn't want to have the sin of gluttony on my conscience at that point.)

However, speaking of Starbucks and since this is still a game of fantasy, I want to add a continuous supply of Starbucks' strongest latte for the entire day --all de caf of course, except maybe the first, or I'd go to my execution so wired they could frizz me without hooking me up to anything.

Elmers Brother said...

that's funny Faith.

Roasted mixed nuts (no peanuts), homemade salsa (hot!)and guacamole, a thick ribeye steak, rack of ribs, mashed potatos, baked sweet potato with cinnamon and butter, corn on the cob, turtle brownies, red velvet and german chocolate cake...they'll need me to stop just to carry out the sentence

Anonymous said...

OK girls, the cabbage soup is the first course. But, having said that I used to order it at a restaurant. And have attempted to duplicate it at home. They did tell me the base is chicken broth.

Chicken broth. Cabbage of course. I cut it in thin strips and let it cook down to nothing and add some pearl barley, salt and pepper.

I have a small appetite, and couldn't eat my dinner if I ate a heavy soup first, like clam chowder which I like too. Besides, I like cabbage with just butter and pepper, so why not cabbage soup?

Faith - why de caf coffee? You're going to be executed!


Faith said...

I don't like the feeling of being THAT wired, it's the taste of coffee I love anyway, and the de caf tastes just as good.

But it's a good point. If I'm willing to get sick overeating, why not get wired on caffeine too? Well, we have our standards, what can I say?

But you're being too realistic here, Pris. I couldn't eat a quarter of what I've listed in reality (but with it in front of me I might try, more's the pity). I'm sure I'd like your cabbage soup, but come ON.

Elmers Brother said...

Pris...ever had Zupa Tuscana at the Olive Garden. Instead of kale my wife uses cabbage. it's to die for, especially with some spicy Italian sausage in it.

Z said...

I like that deli style sweet/sour cabbage soup, you guys had it? I'm sure you have. I love cabbage but when I think of cabbage soup I think of that bland diet soup I did for about a week and ....I'd have to put a lot of good stuff in it to make it taste great......I do a soup like Elbro's wife does...but I use cabbage and beans and kilbasa, DELICIOUS.

Elbro, your meal sounds great!

You know, I can't DO this last meal thing! It's hard to limit myself. I know I'd include mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and white truffle pasta with WHITE truffle oil.....I LOVE Haagen Daz coffee ice cream......
I guess I'd just have to say I'D HAVE CARBS :-)
PIZZA, I love pizza. what else? I don't know.......I'd be jittery enough about being executed without having to add caffeine to the mix!

Anonymous said...

Elbro, its been ages since I was at the Olive Garden, but, the next time I am, I'll try that dish. it sounds good.

I like italian sausage too.


Elmers Brother said...

I usually get the all you can eat soup and salad...and get the zupa tuscana


Z said...

We lost the Olive Garden very nearby....I think I only went once, anyway.
I love Italian sausage, too..mmmm

Faith said...

Found "zuppa toscana" online: Sounds great:

1 lb ground Italian sausage
1½ tsp crushed red peppers
1 large diced white onion
4 Tbsp bacon pieces
2 tsp garlic puree
10 cups water
5 cubes of chicken bouillon
1 cup heavy cream
1 lb sliced Russet potatoes, or about 3 large potatoes
¼ of a bunch of kale

beamish said...

I want to eat the executioner's liver, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Barring that, I'll take a porterhouse steak, medium well, baked potato with sour cream, butter, cheese and bacon sprinkles, and grilled asparagus.

With a Newcastle Brown Ale.

Z said...

Faith, sounds good to me, too....very weird with the cream and sausage and garlic. I like unusual combinations and this one sure seems to work if they serve it at a popular restaurant and if Elbro likes it so much!

Beamish, sounds wonderful but I just don't see how anybody could pick 3 things and be done with it (literally!). I admire all of you who actually came up with a dinner menu like you did. There's something wrong in my psyche that somehow I'd have to list about 30 things and even that would probably frustrate me when I thought of yet another thing I'd definitely have to eat!!

Many of you mentioned steak and I'm not a huge steak eater but have to admit a few bites of a sizzling hot rib eye, medium rare might be a good addition to my list. OR that 'lifter' part of a great piece of prime rib, you know that very tender piece that kind of wraps a large prime rib and, when you cut a slice, you see the round firm meat but there's a fattier, FAR more tender delicious piece around the edges? THAT is for ME :-)

I have to admit I might add a very crispy Wiener Schnitzel to my list AND crispy fried fish with lots of lemon ...mmmm

Elmers Brother said...

Faith I recommend spicy Italian sausage it gives it a little kick and as I said my wife substituted red cabbage when the store didn't have kale

it was just as good (although she has fixed it with kale on occasion) and adds a little different color

Faith said...

Where is everybody? Shouldn't there be dozens of people contributing their last meal cravings? Where's FT? He's a big foodie, he must have a great list.

Well, I'm going to say that I'd do fine with some of the things on everybody's list here. I'd probably love Sue's potato salad and that's a biggie on my favorites list, coffee Haagen Daz is great too. Of course I'd be very happy with Z's truffles pasta, and spaghetti is always welcome -- I prefer mine with the sauce mixed in with the pasta and kept for a day or two in the fridge and then fried in butter. I could go for a big pizza easily, no problem with anything Greek either, and Elbro's guacamole and ribs and Pris's lobster and everybody's steak and baked potato, and I love grilled asparagus. So if they won't let me have my Beluga caviar and lobster thermidor and tiramisu I won't starve on my last day.

Anonymous said...

"I want to eat the executioner's liver, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

Beamish, you are too much! Ha, Ha.

Faith said...

I thought that was funny too and meant to mention it. Execution's off then, right?

Elmers Brother said...

I forgot...I need some fresh avocados apart from the ones in the guacamole, oh some mole' would be good too

ooooh oooh mangos, raspberries and amaretto yogurt

Z said...

Elbro...mole...mmm mangos, me, too.

Faith, NOW you're talkin'....give me one of EVERYTHING, please!!!

beamish said...


You know that the executed usually crap themselves at the time of death, so your last meal should be something of a parting gift for the cleanup crew...

I mean, what are they gonna do? Kill you twice?

Z said...

Beamish....thanks for making this post so palatable to the people I just tried to encourage to come here and give their food input..on a small post at my other blog.. GEEEEZ!! (smile)
No, they can't kill you twice..I'm pretty sure about that :-)

ELBRO...that "mmm mangos, me, too" I didn't mean "ME, TOO" ..well. I mean, I'd like those, too! ahem

Susannah said...

Oops! I posted this @ your other blog...I got so excited about the food, I forgot the part about coming over here to post!

Prime rib, horseradish sauce. merlot or shiraz. ceasar salad. water. slice of sour dough bread, real butter. Italian cream cake, mississippi mud cake - both.

Okay, still hungry.

Elmers Brother said...

horseradish...add it.

Ducky's here said...

Well, this long time vegetarian (well pretty close, not completely) would eat some RED meat.

Get me some ribs, and a couple of Ruben sandwiches. A couple pork chops and a rack of lamb might be nice.

Z said...

Susannah...thanks for coming by! Mmmm As I said at my other blog, that sounds delicious!

Elbro, right.

Ducky, if you love great meats like those, I hope you sometimes allow yourself to indulge. Rack of lamb, mint sauce; fantastic.

heidianne jackson said...

my last meal? i'd have the things i'm not allowed to have because they'd kill me. hmmmm, i wonder would they use an epi pen to keep me alive so they could execute me anyhow? no matter.

i'm having my grandpa's quahog chowder. next i'll have a caesar salad with anchovies and shrimp. then onto a pepper encrusted ribeye topped with a cabernet truffle sauce with a baked potato with crab and mushrooms and some asiago cheese - oh, and of course butter and some white asparagus with a hollandais sauce. for dessert? hmmm, how about a flourless chocolate torte topped with a raspberry/strawberry reduction with whipped cream.

if they don't use the epi pen i'll be dead after the first course - i wonder, could i get revived after each heavanly taste?

Elmers Brother said...

good choice duhkkky....add the lamb too Z with the mint sauce please!

I'm gonna be like the fatted calf at this execution.

Z said...

Heidianne..I figured you'd want mushrooms!

Elbro...I really do ponder whether I COULD eat with an execution the next day. Probably, but I can't be sure....very interesting question in and of itself.

DaBlade said...

Z, you know I share your passion for mashed potatoes, but I also like what Ron Burgundy is having.

Mark said...

I was thinking the same thing Beamish was. With that in mind, I'd have to order foods that I love but unfortunately don't love me back. Like Popeye's cajun fried chicken, extra hot chili with beans, hot burritos with lots and lots of beans, and uh... beans!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


First course: an appetizer of salt-bake Calamari.

Second course: a big bowl of New England clam chowder from Carine's Fish Grotto in Ft. Bragg, CA.

Main course: yes (heavy sigh), a monster bowl of good ol' macaroni & cheese, with Carine's home-made meatballs.

Dessert: a slice of Buca di Beppo double-dark chocolate cake, dripped with Sambuca sauce. BTW, average slices of this cake are the size of your head.


Z said...

Oh, DaBlade, Mark and BZ...thanks for coming to the food blog...this is great!
DB.."Ron Burgundy?"??

Mark..I can't do the really hot stuff, but I sure get your drift! Oh. Actually, I'd not WANT to 'get your drift' if you know what I mean !!:-)

BZ...say it ain't so! You're a big mac and cheese and meatballs fan, too? I've never had them together, but you'll notice my spaghetti mention above would HAVE to have big ol' delicious MEATBALLS!!
My friends all laugh at me about the mac and cheese because I LOVE to cook and am not sure I've made that more than 4 times! I just don't eat it much ..I DID order it the other night out for dinner as a side dish at a swanky restaurant...You've gotta love a very swanky restaurant that'll have macaroni and cheese....this one had Fontina Cheese and bread crumbs on top.... VERY delicious.
I have made on with sage and white cheeses, too...
But, give me the good old cheddar/jack mac and cheese and HOLD THE HAM, please! Ham in that's as bad as chicken on pizza, in my opinion. Sure, they TASTE okay, but that's NOT mac and cheese and chicken or shrimp on a pizza is NOT PIZZA :-)

Surapan said...

You know, pizza is the great comfort food, and if I was going to be executed anyway, give me a large hand tossed meat lovers! I'd eat it all!

Erin Woodard said...

Heidianne..I figured you'd want mushrooms! Elbro...I really do ponder whether I COULD eat with an execution the next day. Probably, but I can't be sure....very interesting question in and of itself.