Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's your favorite COCKTAIL?

If you imbibe, tell us what you love.  Is it a particular beer?  Do you love mixed drinks?   Have you changed over the years in what your favorite drink was/is?     I think it would be fun to find out!
And, if you have a recipe for a really unusual one that's delicious, please include it!



Ducky's here said...

Blanche de Bruxelles

Blue Moon in a pinch

If you can ever find it, Samuel Smith Pale Museum Ale

I was out drinking beer in Prague with a guy and we fell don a hill on the way home. Didn't catch the name of the beer.

sue said...

Z - I don't mind saying that before I gave up alcohol entirely -
about three years ago - I always liked to have a dry Bombay Safire Martini on the rocks with olives.

Nothing like it. At the German restaurant I've mentioned to you, our favorite waitress and friend,used to stuff big olives with bleu cheese: SWEET.

sue said...


In addition, I always enjoyed dry red wine, and sometimes Bailey's.

sue said...

Z - One more thing.

I was never a fan of beer - except in Germany. We would go to the Schnell Imbiss with our girls after shopping at the Frankfurt PX on a Saturday noon. And I've never tasted anyhing better - especially in the winter - than a brat, pomme frites with curry katchup - topped off with German beer. :-)

Z said...

Ducky, I've had Samuel Smith but not sure about the name you added to it.

Sue..I SWEAR, except for the fact that you apparently gave up alcohol 3 years ago, we have EXACTLY the same likes in booze:-) Blue Cheese olives are DIVINE!
And German beer..bratwurst, etc.,'s it get better than THAT? I love Weissbier......I liked Aventinus for a while but then I found it too sweet.
Oh, for a night in Munich with my Mr Z and friends ...bratwurst and bier. heaven. I have absolutely INCREDIBLE memories of Europe. I'm a very lucky girl.
Ich bin froh das du hast auch im Deutschland gelebt! (figure it out, I'll bet you can)

BOMBAY MARTINIS........Dry red wine..........mmmmmmmmmm

even better when I smoked :-)

sue said...

Z - Yes, the smoking (ten years as a young adult for me) was part of it all.

I also wanted to mention about the Schnell Imbiss that in the winter I can vividly remember just standing outside of it enjoying these delectable German treats. And the cold seemed to make it even better.

I have a great story about Bailey's - maybe tomorrow!

(Ya, Ich verstahe(sp.)!

Ducky's here said...

The Museum Ale is fairly bitter. For real hops freaks.

Z said...

Sue, du hast verstehen? Sehr gut! :-)

I'd like to hear your story.

I think I"ve told this story before on this blog of geeeeZ, but one of my most treasured food memories (and I've been privileged to have MANY) is stopping at a little 'stand' in Munich at Christmas time..on my way home from German class (Inlinga Schule)... overlooking the Kristkindelmkt ,starting to snow lightly...eating a hot bratwurst that's so good on the semmel you don't need mustard or anything, and thinking "life doesn't get much better than this".......snow, a delicious wurst, the lovely Christmas scene........himmel

Always On Watch said...

I'm allergic to beer. Really.

But I can drink hard liquor.

My favorite mixed drinks, in order of preference:

1. Strawberry daiquiri

2. Pina colada.

3. Whiskey sour with Jack Black

4. Mint julep, but I haven't had one in years. Dad used to make them -- with fresh mint from our yard.

Oh, and I love Warren's margaritas. He has a special recipe.

sue said...

AOW - You had a whiskey sour with Jack Black? Wow!

Or am I missing something. Is Jack Black a mixer?

Brooke said...

Any stout or red beer, or Kentucky bourbon, neat!

cube said...

I'm not picky about beer any more, but I did enjoy Heineken Premium Light and Moosehead Lager back in the day.

I'm not big on mixed drinks, but I do like a Cosmopolitan on occasion, but more recently, Captain Morgan and coke.

Brooke: Mr. Cube likes an occasional whiskey, but never in the presence of bourbon.

Z said...

Cube, I like Cosmopolitans if they have lime juice in them and not fresh lime..........I like them sweeter than the real juice. delicious.
I love gimlets for the lime juice, too.

AOW, I thought you were a big Bailey's fan? :-) (you and our buddy TMW!)

Always On Watch said...

Oh, I do like Bailey's.

But I do like some mixed drinks too. **smile**

Always On Watch said...

Jack Black is good sipping whiskey. But it also makes a smooth cocktail.

MK said...

Vodka and indian tonic. Never looked back since.

LASunsett said...

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan von Freising. The oldest brewery in the world (founded in 1040)and by far the best to this date.

sue said...

AOW - I figured it was, but I couldn't resist that comment - since I like the person JB.

sue said...


Smoking & Bailey's with 'the girls'

When my younger daugther was in college I visited her for a weekend.

She and a friend took me to a trendy bar (as are common in college towns.) I had quit smoking a number of years before, but for a while I still had the urge to smoke. Neither of them had ever smoked - or at least had never formed the habit.

Open entering the bar/restaurant, I insisted that we buy a pack of cigarettes, and we stayed for several hours, at which time they treated me as one of them.

I had a couple of Bailey's and they had Slippery Nipples. And of course we smoked - which to me was an integral part of drinking.

For them, it was just another night on the campus, but for me it meant a fond memory of acceptance by these two great college girls, just chatting, drinking and smoking.

I don't think of it often, but I can tell you that it is right up there on my list. :-)

Z said...

Sue, what is a SLIPPERY NIPPLE?!

And, I ADORE this story. This is the kind of story I LOVE especially here at the food blog; stories which we never forget which relate to food or drink and make us happy every time we think of them. I would have felt the same way had I a college aged daughter who I was smoking and drinking with and being treated like one of wonderful.

thanks for sharing that! SUPER

Also, after that much Baileys and smoking, I'd have had a whopper of a headache the next day...or probably that night :-)

sue said...

Z - Wikipedia says that a Slippery
Nipple is a layered cocktail
shooter composed of Bailey's Irish Cream and Sanbuca.

I have no idea what Sanbuca is.

Lisa said...

i had Baileys and Vodka which taste way too good you don't realize how they affect you until it's too late. After a few of those I had double vision. First and last time I literally had double vision from drinking.
If you like Pina Coladas but not the heaviness of them Cruzan Coconut Rum and Pineapple juice tastes exactly like One only lighter. Best Coconut Rum ever.

Another good one I tried was Cran-Raspberry Juice and Amaretto. Tastes way better than it sounds.

One I still want to try is from an episode of Sex and The City when Samantha threw a party to make peace with the transvestites who were cruising men below her apartment.

Called a Flirtini-Champagne,Vodka and Pineapple Juice.

I mostly like a glass of wine though. Pinot Grigio or White Zin as red wine gives me a headache.
I do like Dos Equis Beer and Blue Point Toasted Lager as well.

Z said...

Have you had a Cosmopolitan? Cran and vodka with lime juice? Mmm

that Flirtini sounds good, too!

I used to get headaches from red wine but not, it's pretty much the only wine I drink.

Leticia said...

I don't drink alcoholic beverages any longer, but I used to love Mai Tai's.

Ticker said...

Sanbuca is an anise flavored liqueur.

I made Slippery Nipples with butterscotch schnapps, but that was years ago. It waa also known as a buttery Nipple in some parts of the country.

Don't imbibe anymore but:

I use to like Side Cars on occasion. Contreau, lemomn juice and cognac. Shake well in ice and strain. Nice drink but with a kick.

Drink of choice, Bourbon and water with a twist. A Presbyterian would do if something sweeter was desired.

That's bourbon, a splash of 7up and sprinkled with a dash of water.

Long Island Ice teas are also nice for the ladies but careful, they slip up on you and you wake up in some strange places. I use five liquors to make em. Stole the recipe from a great bartender in
Blacksburg VA while at Va Tech in grad school. LOL

As for Beer, I liked Shiners Bock, a good Texas beer made by a small brewery. The Germans and Czechs started making this beer in the early 1900's in Shiner,Texas. They have Blond, Black Lager,Hefeweizen along with some newer brews. Bock and Hefewizen use to be my favorites,

Ticker said...

Unusual drinks? I concocted one while bartending and called it a "Jump suit" or a Parachute. Either way it would put you down but nice and easy. First trials were with a group of young ladies who came in ofr Happy Hour on a regular basis. The must have liked them because they drank several blenders full of them.

single drink recipe

2 oz of Tequlia
shot of blue curacao,
shot of Triple Sec
cream (or heck even ice cream)
shaved ice
Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.

Pour into a cocktail glass or a Champagne Saucer. The drink will be blue on the bottom with a white top hence the name Parachute. It is a sweet drink and not for everyone. It will slip up on you because it goes down so easy. At least that is what the young ladies told me,uh about a week later. LOL

Lisa said...

yes Z I have had Cosmopolitans,the are good too.
I make something like them when we go to the beach.
I like Cran Raspberry ,cran-cherry or cran-pomegranate.(I'm just a big fan of the pomegranate)
and I add flavored seltzer(raspberry,cherry or pomegranate lime and a lime wedge.

Lisa said...

opps I forgot vodka too.

BB-Idaho said...

I rather favor Moose Drool
..a regional thing. Along the same
provincial uncouth lines, I like
most anything dumped into 7UP..
bourbon, ruby port, Seagrams etc.
The higher brow stuff..Guiness,
scotch etc. I'd as well do without.
This area is now a growing wine producer, but as noted above, being
hardly an affectionado (I pronouce
merlot like Mel Ott) I get laughed
right out of tasting affaires....

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