Thursday, August 18, 2011


"It's the most important meal of the day" you agree?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?   First tell us what you'd LIKE to eat for breakfast, putting health and weight aside, then tell us what you DO eat for breakfast!!

Any clever new recipe ideas are more than welcome........thanks



sue said...

Z - My mother has always drummed this into me: breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Now that I'm 'older' I can really see this.

If it is getting close to lunch, but I feel the need for breakfast, Cheerios will do.

But what I really like is a Western Omlet.

Brooke said...

What would I like? Scrambled eggs, toast, hand-shredded fried hash browns and some goetta.


What I actually eat? Six out of seven days it is anything I can pull out of the fridge and hop into the car with.

Z said...

Brooke "goetta"?
I LOVE HASH BROWNS and most restaurants around here sub'd with 'home fry potatoes' years ago..darn! Cubed and sauteed with onions and peppers, NOT WHAT I WANT! :-)
I think Denny's still has hash browns...I"m hoping IHOP does, too, because one just opened up the street from me.

I'm glad you're at least eating something.

Sue, you're right..or your mother was.
I often say I wasted my thirties feeling lousy when I balked against Mom's "EAT BREAKFAST" and never ate it....just drank coffee at the office. I felt altogether better when I started eating breakfast again, no matter what it was.

Z said...

I Just wanted to get off topic for one comment and publish my fave tuna sandwich because it's not close to a 'normal' tuna sandwich and it's so good and I'm not sure many of you saw it on my TUNA FISH post below..
Slice a Pita Bread in half, open the pocket up and put in your tuna salad but make it fairly simple; maybe just mayo (and I do like some black pepper in it, it's a perfect marriage)....then I put in Swiss Cheese and Avocado, and IS THAT GOOD!

sue said...
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Pris said...

I seldom eat breakfast, but when I do, it's sausage or bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, and orange juice.

I prefer brunch, I'm not hungry early in the morning, just point me toward the coffee pot and I'm happy!

Z said...

Oh, Pris, that kind of morning (non) eating did me in! I mean it when I say it was starting to eat breakfast again, at about 30 yrs old, when I started feeling good again.
What time do you think we eat breakfast? six am ? :-)

Ticker said...

Always start with a glass of orange juice. I am by orange juice the way I use to be about coffee, gotta have it to get my motor running.
After that it can be cereal with fruit, Yogurt with fruit(fresh strawberries or peaches when in season other wise bananas.
Toast and jelly , or frozen waffles soaked in butter(real stuff) and lots of syrup.
Weekends,eggs, bacon or sausage biscuits with gravy, grits and of course your favorite hash browns. I grate a couple of taters, add some salt and pepper and fry them until golden brown in a combination of canola oil and butter, all done in a black iron skillet since it gets em nice and brown like no modern skillet can do. Get the skillet good and hot, toss in the taters, get em brown, turn em and then slap a lid on the skillet, turn down the heat and let em get completely done.

Z said...

Oh, TICKER, my mouth's watering! You do that every weekend? mmmmmmmmmm I love everything you mentioned! Does Mrs. Ticker eat all that good stuff, too?

Gad..just the thought of those hashed browns it heaven!

I have a Romanian friend who used to fry sliced potatoes in butter and Canola oil really slowly and they'd get soft inside and crispy on the outside...DARN, they were SO GOOD! And then she'd break a couple of eggs over them and let them cook the last few minutes of the potato cooking time.......I LOVED that so much. She embarrassingly called it "Romanian peasant food, I hope you don't mind" MIND? I could LIVE on that stuff!

Mr. Z and I have eaten in some of THE best restaurants in the world but both of us LOVED the good ol' 'down home' restaurants, whether they were in Paris or Rome or wherever...
Okay, we wouldn't eat in a 'down home' place in Bangkok, but... you know :-)

Leticia said...

What I would love to eat is chorizo with eggs, refried beans, homemade tortillas and a side of bacon. Or French Toast with scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon.

What I eat for breakfast, scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs with flax-seed pita bread and a lot of water.

Always On Watch said...

I always eat breakfast.

My usual: some fruit (usually with cottage cheese), peanut butter on Ancient Grains toast, and lots of coffee.

Occasionally, I splurge: a sausage biscuit (MacDonald's) or sausage gravy with potatoes (carry out from a local diner), an ham-egg-and cheese omelet that I make at home. Once in a great while: bacon and eggs -- with grits.

Brooke said...

Z: This is goetta, and it is super-good. You cut it just like a sausage, and fry it. I don't put anything on it, it is good by itself.

There are two brands sold around here, Glier's Goetta and Queen City. The former is far better, but as it can be more expensive than sausage it's more of a treat.

Lisa said...

My breakfast is usually just wheat or sour dough toast with Smart Balance and Jelly(Raspberry,Strawberry or Cherry)

Sometimes a whole wheat English Muffin with peanut butter and Jelly.

Whenever we have omelets it's usually for dinners and then it has the works ham or sausage,potaotes,broccoli,mushrooms,peppers,cheddar or American.
In the morning I heard it is good to drink 8oz of water to flush out your system so I do try to do that before I have my coffee. Doesn't always work out but I try.

I like to squeeze in a glass of OJ in there too.
Once a month we meet my Obama loving brother for Breakfast and the place we go has a really good mexican omlet with chicken and "shredded" hash browns.
served with salsa and sour cream.

Speedy G said...

Spanish Tortillas w/ added chopped tomatoes and bell peppers, smothered in melted cheese (any kind). Always loved 'em.

Speedy G said...

The secret to the Spanish tortilla lies in "flipping" it. After flipping, sprinkle w/cheese and use the "flipping plate" as a lid to hold in the heat and melt the cheese. :)

Z said...

Brooke.."Cincinnati Caviar, huh?" Sounds delicious!

Speedy...kind of a Quesadilla, no? I love the tortilla stuffed with cheese and mild peppers and melted..mmmmm with a Margarita, of course!

LISA and LETICIA, they say drinking a whole glass of water in the morning is really good for us...REALLY good for a lot of things...good that you try to do that.

LISA "Obama loving brother"? Well, the promise of good hashed browns MIGHT get me there :-)

Ticker said...

I have fixed hash browns many times just like your Romanian friend. Guess it just goes to show that "good taste" is good taste all over the world.
Yea, Mrs. Ticker likes onions in her hash browns but it is seldom that I fix them like that. She married me for my cooking by the way. Said she prayed forty years for a man that could and would cook and finally got one. I cook , she cleans the kitchen.

Always On Watch said...

Is goetta sold outside of your area?

Lisa said...

yeah my Obama loving brother with who I no longer talk politics with.
We almost got into some huge fights because it was ok to insult Bush and McCain but insulting Obama was off limits with him. Amazing huh?.

Z said...

Ticker, I'm with you, no onions, please. That potato/egg thing ROCKS, doesn't it? Salt and Pepper and MOUTH HEAVEN!
One of the many, many things I miss a lot about losing my Mr Z is not having anybody to cook for ... he always said "mmm, you can DO THAT AGAIN!" But, normally, I couldn't because I made it up and wouldn't quite remember everything I did :-) Mrs. T's lucky to have you! Except I'd so rather cook than clean!
LUCKY YOU! Mr. Z did dishes, too, more often than I liked him to.
One of the ways I knew he wasn't feeling well was when he didn't offer anymore...... many liberals feel that way. It's like they think criticism is just an ugly Republican thing and, really, that's all THEY ever DO.
My COnservative friends are always stunned that their liberal friends at work or at dinner parties will just start blasting the Right as if EVERYBODY MUST FEEL LIKE THEY DO. It's an astonishing elitist thing that's pretty ugly a trait, if you ask me.
Why did we sleep while the media was going so far left and our teachers were indoctrinating?

covnitkepr1 said...

I'd like to eat the "full breakfast" you have pictured...but I eat rice cakes and peanut butter every morning.
I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

cube said...

I've never hungry first thing in the morning. I would always reach for chocolate milk as a child and coffee as an adult. Recently I gave up coffee because of a high blood pressure diagnosis. So now I drink water until brunch time rolls around.

Rita said...

My morning breakfast consists of a large glass of Ovaltine. I still remember my mom making Golden Rod Eggs. What could be better than diced boiled eggs and pieces of toast smothered with cheese sauce? Nothing, I tell you NOTHING.

Stephanieurff said...

What would I like? Scrambled eggs, toast, hand-shredded fried hash browns and some goetta. Mmmm... What I actually eat? Six out of seven days it is anything I can pull out of the fridge and hop into the car with.