Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Please let us know what your ALL TIME FAVORITE FOOD/DISH is!!    And, if you can, please include the recipe!   I guess my very favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese and I have to admit I probably have 239487234987 recipes that would be my second favorite food.    Maybe spaghetti and meatballs would be on that 'second favorite' list.......and baked potatoes with all the trimmings, or pasta with white truffles (which MAY be even over Mac and Cheese, got to think about that)........or just a lovely baked chicken with fresh bread, DELICIOUS!  

SO...what about you?  Thanks!



Ducky's here said...

A clam plate with sweet potato fries and onion rings.

For obvious reasons I don't indulge often.

Ticker said...

Fettuccine with chicken and broccoli smothered in a creamy Roasted garlic Alfredo sauce. Roasted(Broiled) brandy soaked pears in a brown sugar and cinnamon glaze for dessert as if one needed one.

Z said...

Ducky, must admit I LOVE fried clams. Does Legal's have good ones? I went there once and don't remember what I had.

LOVE onion rings, too.

Ticker....I make poached pears for dessert for company fairly often...I poach them in port. OR I core them and stuff blue cheese into the cored area and serve that with wheat Carr's crackers with Port..THAT is sensational!

sue hanes said...

Z - I wouldn't have said this much before now, but recently I made this wonderful spinach casserole.

Besides the chopped spinach it contains cream cheese, parmesan,
cooked bacon and melted butter.

Yes, this recipe is rich, but after all spinach is the main ingredient and that's good for you.

Everyone loves this dish except my 4 year old grandson who put his plate in the sink without eating the spinach when my back was turned. :=)

Z said...

Sue, but do you have a FAVORITE dish?
That does sound rich, for sure.

I love spinach...your dish sounds good.

beamish said...

I'm a stir fry fanatic. Constantly experimenting.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah Legal's is very good.

The place to go is either The Clam Box in Ipswich or Kelly's on Revere Beach.

sue hanes said...

Z - That would have to be scallops.

There is a nice restaurant that serves grilled scallops(I only like the big ones) and with it they always serve mashed sweet potatoes.

I would say that is my favorite meal - and spinach, too.

sue hanes said...

beamish - I used to experiment with stir fry a lot.

Z said...

Do any of you know a cut of pork called DAISY HAM? A pink butt of ham that is DEEELICIOUS? YOu boil it, I think..Mom used to make it.
Sue, she always served it with fresh steamed spinach with lemon on it, and boiled potatoes......I almost can't think of spinach without thinking of that delicious combination.

Ducky, I adore Fried Clams..I don't get to Revere or Ipswich much :-) There's a place called Brophy Bros. in Santa Barbara and Ventura, both on the piers; very good fried clams, but I'll bet they're not Legal's.

Beamish, I like stir fry, too, but wouldn't call it a favorite meal.

Z said...

By the way...something I've been doing lately that I ADORE is baking vegetables.
I peel and cut eggplant into small pieces, and anything else, but it has to include sliced purple onions......four days ago, I did the eggplant, asparagus, halved brussel sprouts, chopped broccoli, mushrooms, summer squash.....tossed them with olive oil and balsamic, just enough to moisten, not drown...S&P..bake about 40 minutes at 400 or so. It lasts for days in the fridge and I microwave it and eat it by itself or with chicken, fish, anything. It's SO SO good and really good for you. I highly recommend it.
ANY vegetables you have....bell peppers, zucchini would probably be good..
but, make sure you do the red sliced onions as they get really sweet and sort of flavor the whole thing somehow.

Z said...

Man, I can hardly look at the dishes in my pictures on this post without drooling! On, MAN, they make my mouth water!

Always On Watch said...

My choice may be strange, but my favorite dish is any recipe that doctors up green beans OR just plain green beans (fresh or cooked).

I've never met a green bean that I didn't like.

I'm particularly partial to the way green beans are fixed in a Chinese restaurant.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, and one more dish that I rarely get but absolutely love: paella. Mussels required as an ingredient.

The best paella I ever had was prepared especially for me in a Portuguese restaurant in Fall River, Massachusetts. Superb! The dish wasn't on the menu, but the chef took time to prepare a masterpiece.

Z said...

AOW, I wish you could try my mothers green beans steeped in tomato sauce with tiny chunks of very tender lamb...it's unbelievable.

I like the CHinese version, too...kind of crispy with tiny chunks of crispy fried garlic....that kind!?
And I like green beans in butter with thinly sliced mushrooms or almonds..mmm With a steak and baked potato!

Lisa said...

I don't have a particular favorite food as am open to most. I love fish,mussels,clams,Talapia,Bass,Shrimp,Lobster,Calamari
Made any kind of way.

I also love Italian Food,anything Parmesan and like you Z good old fashion Spaghetti and Meatballs. You know what's good,fennel seed in the meatballs,it tastes like you are eating a meatball,sausage combo.
Mmm roasted vegetables are the bomb too. I do that often but I like how you do an assortment of them.
I like to steam asparagus to a crunch and season with Teriyaki or Soy sauce and roasted sesame seeds.

Now that winter is coming I love to make soups nd experiment with Chili.

Being you like Meatloaf you might enjoy this Asian flavored one I made once before. I need to make it again soon:


cube said...

I'm loving the sound of your baked veggies.

I had a lobster thermidor at a high end lobster restaurant once and I do believe it was the best food I had ever tasted.

Of course I also love good pizza, mac and cheese, my red beans and rice, my bistec en casuela, my kibbee, my stuffed grape leaves... oh, there's such a big list.

The world is full of wonderful food.

Lisa said...

OK I just love this blog Z because I just got back from (snuck away from work) the supermarket and as I type I now have a tray of asparagus,mushrooms,brussel sprouts,eggplant,yellow and green squash and red onion roasting away in the oven tossed with olive oil and some fresh pepper.

Just go easy on the dessert recipes,lol!!!
Although I did pick up some nectarines and strawberries .

Ticker said...

Favorite dish and especially with cooler weather coming: Plain old "Soup beans" and corn bread.
for you yankees who don't know what soup beans are they are October beans( pinto's for when october beans can't be found ( I raised my own for years) cooked real slow all day with a chunk of ham or a ham hock . Corn bread is made in a black iron skillet and not in a cake pan. Corn bread is corn meal, butter milk, baking soda, salt stirred together. Skillet is heated on top of the stove with enough oil to cover bottom, a small amount of corn meal is sprinkled in the hot skillet and allowed to brown before pouring in the corn meal mix. Place in the preheated oven(375-400)for 20 min or until golden brown and knife when inserted in the middle comes out clean. Cut corn bread in to equal slices , butter immediately. Serve the soup beans with good ole chow chow(that's the sweet pepper kind) or chopped onions(I like vidallia's) and some home canned tomatoes. I also put some of my home made salsa on the table for those who like a little kick to the dish. That's all you need unlessen you are like the wife and you just much have some fried taters and onions to go with the rest. Now folks, that's down home country eating. No I don't drink dang butter milk with the meal nor do I drink milk. A tall glass of sweet tea or water will do. LOL

Ticker said...

I forgot, corn bread ain't go no sugar in it neither. That's yankee corn cake. Serve it with syrup on it and call it cake cause it's done ruint.

sue hanes said...

Z - In reading over the comments on favorite foods, I saw that Lisa mentioned calamari.

My husband's nephew and family lived in Italy for a few years and the kids came home saying calamari was their favorite appetizer - and I had never heard of it.

I tried it, and ever since it's been a favorite of mine too.

I find that every restaurant cooks it differently, and the place where I like it best is the Hofbrau, the German restaurant I've told you about before.

sue hanes said...

I kinda got burnt out on stir fry.

Lisa said...

Sue definitely fried calamari with marinara for dipping.

Ticker that sounds really good. I saw on the the Neely's Cornbread with brocoli and cheddar.

sue hanes said...

Lisa - The Hofbrau usually serves lemon/butter for dipping, and I've also had a pinkish looking ranch type dip.

At any rate, I love calamari.

Always On Watch said...

When I was growing up, my parents had an acre-big vegetable garden. I learned to love a lot of tender, young vegetables raw -- including green beans and black-eyed peas.

Mom typically cooked green beans with pork seasoning. As I think back, I remember a pot of green beans simmering on the stove most of the time.

We also canned a lot for the winter. Mom perfected canning vegetables with as little salt as possible (Mom had heart and kidney trouble, Dad had heart failure).

Oh, and one more thing....Mom's vegetable soup was to die for! I wish that I knew her recipe.

Z said...

Sue and Lisa...from the dips you're talking about, I'm guessing Sue's calamari are not fried but sauteed and Lisa's are definitely fried? Am I right? Either would be delicious but I'm curious!

Always, Mom had a smaller garden than that, but fairly big and fabulous. She used to go out there right after dinner in the summer just to unwind, I think. I'd love to watch her going through picking off dead zucchini buds or picking a gorgeous eggplant...moving the hose from one plant to another........I wrote a poem comparing her tending her garden as she tended all of us kids.

Lisa, how'd that vegetable bake go?!! Did you do the balsamic tossed on it? mmm I so hope you enjoyed it.

sue hanes said...

Z - At the Hofbrau the calamari are always fried, which is how I like them, but I've had sautueed.
Mostly they are little rings, but a few always look like miniature squids. :=(

My dad had a nicesized garden for a few years in our backyard. I always enjoyed - as you said about your mother - the pride he took in caring for it and working there each day.

Z said...

I like them lightly fried and love the little ones which still look like critters; they're more tender...
makes me hungry.

Brooke said...

I love food too much to pick any one thing, but most things that include potato are tops with me!

@AOW: I just put on a pot of green beans and potatoes for tonight and will make some sweet corn bread (for the kids) and plain corn bread (for the hubby) for tonight.

Ticker said...

For those of you who like Chili, try making your favorite chili recipe and then pouring it into a casserole dish. Pour cornbread batter over the top and bake until the cornbread is done. Makes a great one dish meal. Topping with some grated cheese and jalapenos is also good.

I usually make a huge pot of chili and have a good quantity left over . I use the recipe above to finish up the leftover chili. It's is better left over than the first day IMO.

Lisa said...

Sue the pink ranch dressing sounds good too

The vegetables came out perfect Z. I didn't over cook them but made sure to put them on the bottom shelf to get that added roasted nuttiness to them.

No I didn't do the balsamic because my mom who lives with us as she gets older doesn't like too much tanginess and my husband over the last year or so became anti-balsamic. So I didn't feel like making 2 separate things of it. I do like to use it on the grill when I make them outside and everyone gets their own little foil pouch. Next time I make them on the grill I will ad it to mine. I have some leftover to cook still so maybe I will do them on the grill later if it isn't raining or tomorrow

Z said...


I FORGOT TO MENTION THE POTATO!! I always say I have never met a potato I didn't love, you're so right!

I can't think of a way I don't like them but I thought I'd mention NOT peeling them and slicing them really thin and very slowly sauteeing them in canola oil and butter....mostly oil so they don't burn; then sprinkle dry thyme and S&P....and sautee a bit more....that is SO delicious!

And also, My Romanian friend made this for me a lot and she calls it PEASANT FOOD in an embarrassed way, but I can't think of anything better than peasant food, personally!
She'd peel and cut up potatoes sort of like above but a tad thicker, sautee them in canola oil for a LONG time till they're brown/crispy on the edges and soft inside and then she'd break eggs over that and kind of give it another few minutes so the egg cooked and MAN IS THAT GOOD!

and, of course, mashed, baked, boiled with butter....oh, be still my potato-lovin' heart!

Lisa said...

Z- you reminded me of Tyler Florence's' Potatoes Augratin I made one. It was a little bit of work but oh so worth it :


Z said...

THanks, Lisa..mmmm
And I'm so glad you liked the veggies cooked that way. I promise you the balsamic, just sprinkled on and then tossed with the veggies, only adds a slight sweetness but if you say your family's not into tangy, you know better than I do about them! Try it for yourself on one corner of the tray you bake the stuff on and I'll bet they'll be clamoring for what YOU got :-)

Lisa said...

I know I will like it Z. My palet is boundless.
Those potates were so good with cabbage in it .

Z said...

OH, MY, Lisa, that recipe does sound delicious.......parmesan cheese, etc. VERY interesting to add cabbage; I like cabbage in about anything.

sue hanes said...
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Z said...

Glad you got your calamari and saw that image....

There was a restaurant near me called The Bat Rack; all the walls were like being in old Yankee Stadium at night...with lights coming in from the light poles painted on, etc....it served steaks, martinis, that kind of thing.
I miss some of the old restaurants..

sue hanes said...
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Z said...
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Z said...

I am loving coming to this particular post; I swear I drool every time I think of the pasta with white truffles we had in Rome (I told Mr. Z, with my mouth full of my first bite "One doesn't EAT anything this good, one BRONZES it!", and see this picture of spaghetti and the meatloaf and mashed potatoes shot...gad, those pictures make me happy!

Thersites said...

Popcorn. Butter. Lightly salted. A cold glass of milk.

THAT's my comfort food.

Thersites said...

...but if it has to be a meal, then saurbraten with kartoffelklosse, red cabbage, and gravy... with some pearl onions mixed with peas on the side. ;)

Pris said...

Lobster tail, and baked potato with sour cream and chives. Yum!

Rita said...

Love seafood, but since I'm landlocked, this is the link to my "world famous" homemade chicken and noodle recipe.


Rita said...

Z: Where did you have that pasta with white truffles in Rome? I was there two years ago and am hoping to go back. The best food in Italy we found at the Agriturismo in Volterra, San Lorenzo Podere. Out of this world good.

Here in the states, my favorite is Florida Stone Crab claws, hot and dripping in butter.

Z said...

Rita, you going to ROME? I had it there at ANDRE'S!! I think that was the name, anyway!
The problem is you can't get white truffles except in late October, early NOvember, if I remember correctly. BUT, you can have pasta in white truffle OIL even here if you make it..that's VERY VERY good, too.

Z said...

Thersites, I SO wish you could have been with Mr. Z and me in Germany when we had SO many delicious meals like that!!

Z said...

Rita, so your soup is only broth and noodles, right? NO veggies at all? I'm sure it's delicious, that's a LOT of noodles in that picture!.

Rita said...

My response must have gone out in that great blogosphere void somewhere.

Z: It's not soup, it's JUST chicken and noodles. The noodles are more likely a dumpling recipe, just cut in noodle size.

I love veggies, but none here and none in my chicken pot pie either, that part is left over from being a kid and mom never being able to add any veggies in our pot pie because we wouldn't eat half of it if she did.

I might have to make a chicken pot pie this week.