Monday, September 19, 2011

I am SO ANGRY that I HAVE to eat........................

...........FILL IN THE BLANK!   Do you have a food you just have to have when you are as steamed as a perfectly cooked artichoke?

Is it carbs or sweets or ........what?  What do you run to when you're really mad and must have ...that food?  Let us know!

thanks! z


sue hanes said...

Z - When I am so angry...I delete my comments. :=) just kidding -I couldn't resist that.

But really, when I am angry I can't think of eating. I mostly just drink ice water to calm me down.

I wish I could contribute something to this post, but as usual I am offtopic!!!!

Z said...

Sue, THAT IS FUNNY, i have to say :-)
How's that off topic? I think that's extremely water. Whatever works, right?
Maybe it (pardon the pun) cools you off!?
I think your comment's very interesting... thanks!

sue hanes said...

You are welcome, Z. No charge.

I love ice. I could never survive long in a place that has no ice.

Once when I was visiting my daughter (I had to sleep on the couch) and in the morning I could her her husband making ice tea to take to school(he's a teacher) and all I could think of as I lay there is: He is going to use all the ice. And he did.


sue hanes said...

Z - I don't drink coffee, so I start my day with Crangrape on ICE, and ICE water.

Can you believe it?

But actually I would prefer coffee. When I used to drink it, at night I couldn't wait until morning to have some.

Ah, the good old days.

Z said...

I love Ocean Spray Cranberry juice with lime in's a new product with the lime; loved it, and now the store isn't carrying it. I hope they get it again.
I can't drink coffee much anymore, either....

beamish said...

When I'm angry, my primal carnivore urge kicks in so much that even a cow in a field looks like something I could stab to death with a spear, rip apart and barbecue on the spot.

So, for angry me, I'll have a porterhouse steak. :)

I eat them calm too, but they taste better when you're angry.

Brooke said...

Cheeseburger, lots of onions.

Always On Watch said...

Let's see....Caffeine (strong coffee with hazelnut creamer), cookies and/or candy -- chocolate, of course.

Lisa said...

Does Cannibalism count?

Z said...

Silverfiddle said...


I had a roommate who recommended ice cream when you were angry. He insisted you couldn't eat ice cream and frown at the same time.

September 20, 2011 6:56 AM

Z said...

Bob said...

SF, let's be precise. It's bourbon whiskey. If I am happy I apply the same thing.

If I feel rich, it is single-malt Scotch.

If I am in a public bar it is a martini.

When I was on expenses it was Dewars.

If I am hungry for pizza, it's beer.

If I am at an Italian restaurant it's wine (valpolicella).

If I am at a steak house it is cabernet.

That should just about cover it.

sue hanes said...

Z - What you said about Ocean Spray Crangrape Juice/lime.

You know how in restaurants they sometimes put a slice of lemon in your water. I kind of like that.

But I read once that having lemon everyday is bad for your teeth.(the citrus).

I was talking to a salesgirl once and she said she puts lemon everyday in her water - and I told her what I had read. She was bummed because it was a treat to her.

My point is: I wonder if the same thing is true of lime - isn't it citrus too? So I would not want the OSCGJ with lime every day.

Know what I mean?

Ticker said...

Don't eat when I am angry. It causes ulcers. Been there done that and got the scars in the tummy to prove it.

Z said...

Sue, my grandmother swears that drinking a little fresh lemon juice every day spared her from arthritis she'd just started experiencing when her doc recommended this.
There are toothpastes for this problem and I'd rather have the fresh Vitamin C and good flavor than give it up.
In the Cran juice, I think it's probably so 'fake lime' that I'd not worry. Should worry about what makes if fake, probably!

Ticker, good point!

Ducky's here said...


Thersites said...

I don't drink anymore so... I try NOT to let myself get angry. I prefer to think of ways of getting "even." ;)

cube said...

I recently gave up coffee because of a high blood pressure diagnosis. But if you're asking me for the comfort food that would have me drooling, it would have to be mac and cheese OR a dish my aunt used to throw together for us cousins... it amounted to rice, eggs, and tuna. It was heaven, but we were kids, what did we know about food ;-)

Leticia said...

I normally don't eat when I am angry. However, when I am bored, that's another story.

I make a run to the refrigerator and grab some dark chocolate.

sue hanes said...

Z - The reason I obsess about the lemon thing is that my teeth have always been cavity-prone - so I don't want to weaken them. :=(

That's interesting about fresh lemon helping arthritis - which I've had from time to time but it's not a huge problem at this point.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - Although I don't eat when I'm angry,I do notice if I'm 'agitated' and try to eat it doesn't work well, so I take a deep breath and try to relax.

Lisa said...

I'm with Leticia eating when bored not angry.
I discovered something really good Lindt -Intense Orange Dark Chocolate

They have other flavors I need to try but I knew I would like the orange.

Pris said...

When I'm very angry, which is not often, I have no appetite. I light up a cigarette. That calms me down.

I know, that's politically incorrect, but you can't say I'm not consistent!!

sue hanes said...

Z - Food Rules.

An example is:

I made some spinach dip from a mix on Monday that you add mayo and sour cream to. It was pretty ric and not as good as by scratch.

The packet suggested water chestnuts and pumpernickel bread for dipping so I got those.

Yesterday after supper when I was still full I was lying on the couch thinking that since I had made the dip and I like spinach dip that I really would like to eat some.

But also knowing that I can no longer tolerate things that rich in the evening, I was wondering how I could fit it into my schedule.

The point is: why was I obsessing about food when I was still full from supper.

Don't I have better things to think about than that?

Know what I mean?

Maybe I need a life. :0)

Z said...

Sue, I think everyone sometimes thinks of something delicious and just wants to eat some, full or not! I do.
Also, the lemon juice apparently cuts through any build-up around joints, etc., ...

Lisa, that chocolate thing sounds delicious. Orange and chocolate are the perfect match.

Pris..a cigarette can definitely calm one down.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm headed off to bed and I'm hungry.

But I know better than to have some spinach dip at this point.

Maybe something lighter. :=)

Z said...

Sue, 'knowing better' and actually following through on that aren't always happening at my house!

sue hanes said...

Z - Another day has passed - once again I'm going to bed.

I'm hungry, only this time I'm going to cut up an apple and eat it.

I do learn, and no longer want to wake up at 3 am and wonder why I had something with mayo in it.


Ticker said...

Actually I eat gunpowder and spit nails when I am angry.

Nothing like people thinking that hell fire and damnation has broken loose.

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