Friday, September 23, 2011

It's your LAST MEAL before EXECUTION!

Do you think it's right that Texas has stopped giving men on their last night alive a special meal they request?  I don't.  The guy in THIS article was apparently a scumbag, but not to get one more meal of food that you love?  The night before YOU DIE?

What do you think?  And, what would be YOUR last meal, if you could order any and all the things you wanted to taste before meeting your maker?

I have to think about this, but I'll let you know what I'd pick soon!


Bob said...

1. Memphis Barbeque
2. Louisiana Crawfish Etouffee
3. Steak Au Poivre
4. McCormick's Spinning Salad
5. Silver Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon
6. New Orleans Rum Bread Pudding
7. Courvoisier

Failing availability of these simple dishes, I would accept a MacDonald's Double Cheesburger Meal. Add some Jack Daniels to that, and I would be a happy man.

Scotty said...

It would be something Italian or Mexican!

Ducky's here said...

Texas is being petty with this latest ruling.

I imagine they'd deny me a large anchovy pizza with extra cheese.

Z said...

Bob, that all sounds good, but what's a spinning salad??

Scotty, no doubt about it...just got back from Mexican dinner!

Ducky, I ADORE pizza with anchovies and extra cheese.. My baby sister and I do that together since most people won't touch anchovies (not knowing they're in practically every restaurant sauce known to man) and, yes, I think TX is being EXTREMELY petty; as if they're punishing all the guys because one guy ordered his and didn't eat it, left food on his plate; as if he's a 4 year old setting an example for his 2 year old sister? Utterly ridiculous.

I asked this question of my dinner partner tonight and she said "I'm not sure I could even EAT!" she has a point, doesn't she.

Ducky's here said...

You do have to wonder about your appetite under the circumstances.

It's also possible that at the last moment I decide to eat meat and order a couple of jumbo Ruben's.

Z said...

Both good points, DUcky......jumbo Ruben's... I'm not sure I've had one but I've seen them and they do look delicious.
do you not eat meat for health reasons or animal-rights, reason?

Leticia said...

I would probably order a porterhouse steak, scalloped potatoes, eggplant Parmesan, homemade yeast rolls, and for dessert molten chocolate cake.

Even better below:

Or my mom's homemade chicken mole, Spanish rice, refried beans, homemade tortillas and for dessert, fluffy sopapillas smothered in honey, cinnamon and sugar.

I am hungry now.

Rita said...

Since we're all tripping through fantasy land (not saying last meal would be some fantasy), I'll add mine as if I also have an unlimited appetite before they off my head with a gillotine.

Emeril's BBQ Shrimp appetizer
Nahlins' Gumbo
My daddy's fried chicken
My mom's chicken pot pie (no veggies)
Florida Stone Crab Claws
Spaghetti Carbonara at a Tuscany Agriturismo
Granny's Sweet Rolls (think O'Charleys' on steroids)
Granny's Blackberry Cobbler
Umberto's gelato in Rome

beamish said...

If Texas were serious about the death penalty, they'd carry it out within minutes of the guilty verdict. It offends me that death sentences take too long to carry out, even in Texas.

Anyway, if it were my last meal, it would depend on the execution method. I'm going for whatever leaves the biggest mess for my executioners to clean up. :P

Z said...

Leticia!! MMM...except make mine a ribeye :-) I think I'd order up every potato dish known to man :-) And eggplant parmesan...delicious.
And, of course, I adore Mexican food and mole, particularly......good choices!

Rita, delicious list!
I remember Mr Z and I stopped at somewhere near San Remo, Italy, on the Monaco border, I think? I can't quite remember, but this place was just like a little beach shack and I will NEVER EVER forget the seafood pasta. It was HEAVENLY. We had an amazing ability to go into a new town and pick THE best place to eat! It almost never failed. And it seemed like we always walked in five minutes before the crowds, too!

Beamish.......ugh! But, I would like to know what your faves would be!

Bob said...

Z: The spinning salad was at Lawry's in Chicago, not MacCormicks. Silly error. I dined there only once, but it is quite a show.

Link to Youtube on Lawry's Spinning Salad.

Z said...

I've decided I probably couldn't eat (for the first time in my life) but I'd want at least a bite or two of every potato dish I could think of, meat loaf, spaghetti and meatballs..MAC AND CHEESE would be NUMERO UNO, of course!.......white truffles on pasta..... hot roast chicken and French bread...
And I can't do more...I could write a list a mile long, so it's probably a good thing I'll probably not have to make this decision.

Would that nobody ever would have to again.

Ducky's here said...

My vegetarianism is a combination of health and environmental concerns, z.

I'm not ultra strict and will eat meat on occasion. For instance, if I go o a ball game an Italian sausage is a must.

Brooke said...

Right on @ Beamish!!!

I think it is perfect that TX stopped this ridiculous ritual. The bastard in question wasted enough food to feed a family for a week, and just to get in that one last dig.

Besides, did the murderer in question grant his victim to an extravagant last meal before he killed them in a fashion far less humane that they got? NOPE.

Now... As for my last meal... Anything with lots of potatoes! Fried, mashed, baked...

Z said...

I can't really say much about the last meal; I think anybody has the right to something before they knowingly die no matter what they did, personally.
But, I'll go with Beamish on the death penalty being carried out immediately....that goes without saying.

Brooke...I'm with you on ANYTHING POTATO!

Bob...we have Lawry's here in L.A., too...never had or saw the spinning salad, though! Nice prime rib, though, IF it's the 'lifter'..any other cut except the bone, needs not apply!

Lisa said...

Lobster Tails,a big fat juicy steak,baked potato with butter,sour cream and chives and a big old bananas split with tons of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

No veggies being fiber will no longer be a concern.

Z said...

STOP, LISA!! SO SO delicious! :-)

We're coming to YOUR HOUSE !!

Lisa said...

Anytime Z,anytime.

I am saving that meal for when Obama loses in 2012 also.

Z said...

Hey, that is a GREAT idea, give up something great for a while and then pork out on that great meal when we WIN! (God, I HOPE SO!)

Lisa said...

Oh God so do I Z. I don't think the country can take any more of the stress Obama has inflicted on us.

Maybe he will have imported Kobe beef steak for his last night in the White House.
Actually he should have rice and beans so he can see how more people are living thanks to him.

Z said...

rice and beans, chop suey, and halal food; just to show that, like most men, his heart's in his stomach and in cultures other than ours!?!

Ticker said...

10 penny nails covered in black powder. To drink 180 proof moonshine.

Mark said...

Kansas City Barbeque, specifically, Oklahoma Joe\'s. Ribs, pulled pork, and brisket. None better.