Thursday, October 27, 2011

SOUP! It's getting cooler outside (Hurrah!)

Do you have a soup you love and can share with us?  Just tell us the ingredients or, if you have a recipe, please include it!   I love soup and I hope we get some good ones for everyone to share.
I'm going to post a few in comments but can't get to it right now.  
Thanks for participating!

Soup, Stew, roasts,'s my favorite season for good food!



Always On Watch said...

I'm not a soup person, but I do make one particular soup that all my friends love.

I go to the Honey Baked Ham Store and get a bone-in ham AND the mixed beans package. When I make this soup with the aforementioned mixed beans, I use only half of the seasoning package along with a meaty ham bone (to cut back on sodium content), lots of extra meat from the ham itself, and 10 cups of water. I don't add anything else even though the recipe on the package calls for onions and tomatoes. Then, I fire up the crock pot and cook the mixture all day long. Because there are only two of us in the house, I freeze half of what I've made and enjoy it again again some weeks later. I serve this soup with cornbread or Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Always On Watch said...

Forgot to say....Today I'm cooking chili for Mr. AOW's birthday celebration.

Lisa said...

Oh yes I love to make and eat soup. I have 2 favorites:
Sausage and Kale Soup with lentils

And Mushroom Barley Chipolte Soup:
Only I sub the Beef Broth for Vegetable Broth:

Lisa said...

I've mad this one too which is quite tasty too: Pasta and Bean soup

I like these recipes from this site because they are healthy and easy

sue hanes said...

Thanks Z.

It's been a huge day for me but I'm coming down here tomorrow with my pumpkin soup recipe - first thing.


Lisa said...

OK I'm obsessed I just got done making Chicken Matzo Ball Soup. They are all now in separate containers one for my mom,one for a friend and the rest for us.

Z said...

cube said...

My favorite soup is really a chowder... a good clam chowder is hard to beat. I tried my hand at it once and the clams I used had a black dot on them and it made me think of eyes. I couldn't even finish a spoonful although it tasted good. Canned chowder is OK by me.

I think the eye thing springs from
when I was little, my mom would make stews with all kinds of vegetables including plantains. Well, the little black dots from the middle of the plantains would be all over the broth and I always complained that I didn't to eat banana eye soup! I can be very finicky when it comes to eating eyes :-)

I make a very good chorizo and kale soup. I use Rachael Ray's recipe with a few modifications such as more broth. Ray's version is too chunky for our tastes. But the good thing is nothing in it looks like beady-little eyes!

Z said...


There is a soup I absolutely LOVE, not my recipe though, but San Francisco bread company makes it, it's the Mushroom Bisque soup, it's to die for.

Don't know if Menudo is considered a soup, but my mom's recipe rocks. I can't share it, because she just throws stuff in to make it so tasty.

Sorry, Z, I really don't have a recipe to share.

Z said...

AOW...ham and bean soup...yummo!

Leticia, I LOVE mushroom mushroom ANYTHING !!!
And as far as your mom is worries here because I can't cook menudo but I'll bet it's good and moms can just throw stuff in and make things so good, can't they? :-) I wish I could taste her soup.

Cube...I ADORE WHITE clam chowder but don't like tomatoes in my chowder, how about you?
BROPHY BROTHERS in Ventura and Santa Barbara, makes THE best white clam chowder I've had....

My mother eats TROUT EYES :-) and brains! (but she does NOT put any eyes in soup!)

Lisa, are you Jewish? I ADORE MATZO ball soup and my friend Judy, a Christian convert, always makes it at our Lutheran Church during lent........we ADORE it there! I used to make it but have to admit I used the mix for the balls.
A little joke is "you've got a kill a lot of matzos to make matzo ball soup" :=)


SUE, eager to see it.
I should dig up my eggplant curry soup recipe; man THAT is delicious!

Z said...

I will say that sometimes I boil broccoli till it's soft and then blend it with a little nutmeg, S&P, chicken broth (you can use cream of course)'s SO good and satisfying...and SO easy. :-)
Of course, if you want a little less easy, sautee an onion and throw that into the puree, too. mmm

sue hanes said...

Z - Thanks for the soup post. :-)

Pumpkin Soup

~saute 1/2 c. finely ch. onion
in 2 T butter until tender.

~remove from hear and stir in 1 T.
flour until smooth.

~Gradually stir in 2 14 1/2 oz cans of chicken broth, 15 oz. can of pumpkin, 1 tsp br. sugar,
1/4 t. salt, 1/8 t. pepper, 1/8 t.
nutmeg; bring to boil.

~simmer and heat for 5 min.

~add 1 c. whipping cream.

~cook for 2 min. to heat through..

Z - This is a little heavy, maybe rich - but I like it and others seem to also. is so easy and quick to make. :)

sue hanes said...

Z - Interesting combinaton - I like both eggplant and curry.

I'd like to see that recipe. :)e

Ticker said...

I love a good Chicken Tortilla soup. I got this recipe from a small restaurant just north of Fredricksberg Tx. The owner was kind enough to share it with me as well as the idea for using condiments. It's too long to post here but you can find it under my Super Bowl Snack recipe.

So Z if you like it copy and paste it on your site if you wish.

Z said...

Ticker, too busy here but my friends can do that for themselves...thanks!

Sue, I"ll get around to that...I hope! Got to find the cookbook..I'm sure I know which one it's in and I haven't made it in too long a time.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Z no am actually 1/2 Italian and the other half is a Heinz 57-Hungarian,Austrian,Scotch,German,
English. Go figure.
I just Love Matzo Ball Soup and got a sudden craving for it so I looked up the recipe.
Sue I bought some canned pumpkin, in anticipation of your recipe. That's my next one.
Z-I made he matzo balls from scratch but it was quite easy. Last time I used a mix.
mmmmm Ticker that Chicken Tortilla soup is right up my alley. A friend of mine makes an awesome Taco Soup

Z said...

Hi, Lisa, ya, I didn't know it was easy to make the balls yourself until my once-Jewish girlfriend at church showed me! But, it seems that even she after all these years of making them, can get them harder than she'd like; I think it takes a little experience...just enough soda, etc.
Haven't looked into the Tortilla Soup yet, but I will!

Lisa said...

I didn't use the soda but I heard that is best.

Z said...

Hi, Lisa...yes, the soda apparently makes the matzo balls lighter.....
Judy never knows, though..she can do it exactly the same way she did last time and they'll be heavy. weird.

Rita said...

Making "soup beans" as we speak. And I have twice made a delicious cream of mushroom soup. But I can't reveal the recipes because I rarely use one. I just throw stuff in.

Reminds me of when my uncle was trying his best to write the recipe to my grandmother's wonderful sweet rolls. As she was making them, she said, "take a scant handful of sugar." My uncle was lost. She explained what a scant was and then he realized that a scant handful from his hand would be quite a bit more than her tiny scant handful.

Pretty much the way I cook.

Z said...

I cook like that, too, Rita...I think it's the sign of a good cook :-)
I really must share my curried eggplant soup recipe if I ever get around to finding it and typing it here!

Paula Dean today made a bundt pan of bread...she took prepared Parker House rolls(the kind you open by hitting the can on the side of the kitchen counter, you know) and then made them into balls and dipped each one into melted butter and then grated parmesan cheese..I forget what else, maybe some thyme? Anyway, she piled those babies into the bundt pan and baked them and BOY did it look GOOD!