Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recipe Holder....neat idea!?

A friend sent this to me today and I had to admit it's a dandy idea and I should pass it on here at geeeeZ!!



Fredd said...

This coat hanger method would not work on my copy of 'Joy of Cooking.'

I just put a jar of Miracle Whip on the open page, works fine.

Z said...

Hi Fredd!! That's hilarious! I know what you mean about putting heavy jars on the open page, but they can get 'shmootzy' that way :-)

I've GOT to get going with new recipes /ideas around here...

I wouldn't really do that skirt hanger idea, but thought it was funny and clever!

heidianne jackson said...

my daughter, after having lost EVERYTHING in the wildfires in texas last year, did this in their fema trailer. in the "big house" as laela calls it, her wonderful husband has built in a number of dropdown book holders around the kitchen & we've bought her two standing ones for the island (some island - it's bigger than my dining room table!)... whatever works in a pinch, ya know?